Outdoor Design: 5 Backyard Deck Ideas On a Budget

A great patio design alternates between relaxing and entertaining. Draw inspiration for your own design with these backyard deck ideas on a budget.

Is it time to redesign your patio? Perhaps you want to switch it up for the new season or maybe you want to change the style? Either way, you might want a design that gives you the best value, but how?

Redesigning doesn’t always have to cost a fortune to achieve. Sometimes, it takes a good idea and cheaper alternatives to make your plans come to life. The question is, what happens when you don’t know where to start?

Here are five backyard deck ideas on a budget to inspire you!

1. Painting, Sealing, and Polishing

A great way to change up your deck and patio design is by using new paint, seal, or polish. While it feels like a subtle change, it could have a big impact on the overall look of your backyard.

You can turn away from the rustic look with wood-styled colors and surfaces when you paint them a solid white. Instead, it could feel more classic and neat.

Sealing and polishing the surfaces also affects the vibe you’re going for. If you use black and top it with a glossy finish, it appears more elegant.

Note that you can DIY paint and seal your patio with the proper tools and guide. This way, you get to save on extra costs from hiring a professional.

2. Add Lights

Installing additional lights around your backyard deck can elevate the look for a lower cost. You can place pathway lights on the steps that lead to your front door or hang lanterns around sitting areas and corners.

Besides adding to your patio landscape design, it’s also useful and helpful when it starts to get dark out. You can worry less about walking through your yard and adding to the safety of your home.

3. Make Your Own Firepit

Many recommend setting up outdoor-related furniture and fixtures if you aren’t sure what improvements to make. One of the common examples is a firepit or table.

It allows you to emphasize the outdoor vibe and gives you a reason to spend more time in the yard. Fire pit patio designs are easy to set up since you usually only need to add the focal point.

You can use a variety of materials according to your taste, but you can view firepit stones here as well as other options.

4. Grow Plants

Most patio design plans involve the addition of plants, from flowers to shrubs. While some homeowners buy them already ready for placement, you can consider planting them yourself if you aren’t in a rush.

Create a space for where you want the plants to go to avoid constantly moving them around later. It also lets you develop a new hobby while adding to your deck’s style.

5. Install Extra Function

You may want to consider designing a backyard patio with more functions rather than just good visuals. This way, it adds more value to your property.

A few ways you can do so include installing solar screens, built-in benches, shade, or extra steps. In most cases, you can get away with doing it yourself or paying an affordable cost to add them to the picture.

Upgrade Your Space With Backyard Deck Ideas on a Budget

With the right backyard deck ideas on a budget, you can upgrade the look of your patio for a great deal. It helps you improve your property’s style while adding to its overall value.

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