Orthodontic Insurance Coverage Options for 2022

Orthodontic coverage options can help with braces payments and other orthodontic treatments. Learn the best options for 2022 here.

Did you know more than half of Americans tend to feel insecure about their teeth? Consider seeking out orthodontic care to improve your smile. Before undergoing orthodontic procedures, consider getting orthodontic coverage. 

In this guide, we’ll go over the benefits of getting dental insurance for braces. You’ll learn about some reputable insurance providers, and what will get covered. 

Ready to learn more? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Orthodontic Insurance?

Most people don’t have a plan that will cover their orthodontic treatment.

Even a dental insurance plan doesn’t tend to include orthodontia. Orthodontic coverage is included in a dental policy that will cover braces. You can’t receive a standalone policy.

Dental insurance plans will cover dental care services and pay for a percent of the cost.

Most of the time, it will cover a 100-80-50 structure. Preventive services will be 100 percent covered. Essential services are 80 percent covered. Effective procedures will be 50 percent covered.

Orthodontia and braces fall into the latter category. This means the insurer pays 50 percent. It’s typical for dental insurance plans to only provide coverage for kids under 19.

There are waiting periods to complete before you become eligible for coverage. You will need to find out the waiting period before planning the procedure. 

Is It Worth It to Get Insurance?

The cost of a plan that will include orthodontic coverage isn’t always a significant amount.

Choosing to get extra coverage will reduce the cost of braces or other procedures. Most plans will have orthodontia coverage and cover 50 percent of the cost.

Start searching for dental insurance that also includes orthodontia. Certain states actually require licensed dental insurers to offer coverage for children’s braces.

There are limitations on the coverage. A typical example of the limitation is that braces are usually covered if a child needs them to chew food properly. Braces only for the purpose of straightening teeth, however, aren’t covered.

Many adults seek orthodontic treatment to improve their appearance, so it’s important to consider whether your plan covers any percentage of cosmetic procedures.

If you need to get the procedure done, you can get a more inclusive plan to cover the treatment. Consider getting the coverage now so you can cover part of the procedures. 

Delta Dental

Delta Dental is an excellent pick for dental insurance for braces. There are multiple plan options, no waiting period plans, and no necessary referral.

Yet, the comprehensive coverage will cost more, and the best prices remain limited to in-network.

However, Delta Dental is one of the most recognizable names in dental coverage. You could sign up for Delta Dental on your state’s insurance exchange.

Coverage will vary based on your plan. Most DeltaCare USA plans will include x-rays, orthodontic treatment, retainers, planning, and treatment.

Work with your local orthodontist or White, Greer & Maggard Orthodontics to receive an estimate of the treatment cost.

Aetna Dental

With Aetna, you can get two kinds of policies. The coverage limit will vary, but it’s available in 50 states.

Aetna will provide affordable dental insurance policies. They start at below 22 dollars each month. Enjoy lower prices across 50 states.

Aetna is a significant dental and health insurance company. CVS acquired it in November 2018. CVS is a drug store chain and maintains Aetna under the CVS Health subsidiary.

Aetna dental plans tend to include some orthodontics coverage. If you get a plan from work or on your own, you should review the treatment coverage.

Are you a current customer? Call the customer service line to find out what your policy covers.

You can buy dental insurance plans or a dental discount card with Aetna.

What About Cigna?

Cigna will offer a dental insurance plan that can cost around 19 dollars a month per person. You don’t need to enroll in the medical plan to get the Cigna dental plan. 

The insurance plan that’s offered by Cigna will have different stages of coverage. Some plans will offer coverage of orthodontic treatment.

The top level of coverage is the Cigna Dental 1500 plan. This plan will cover up to 1000 dollars in orthodontia.

There’s a lifetime limit, and the deductible for the plan is 50 dollars per person. There’s a separate deductible for orthodontic coverage.

The benefit of the Cigna plan is there are different levels of coverage. 

Have You Considered Aflac?

Aflac is a supplemental insurance company, meaning it covers out-of-pocket costs that your main insurer doesn’t cover. You shouldn’t only have this form of insurance. It won’t cover the total cost of treatments.

One of the highlights of this dental insurance is the deductible will lower over time. The longer you stay with the business, the less money you will pay for your insurance. There isn’t a waiting period for the service.

Aflac will provide coverage for orthodontic treatment. It’s not a standalone dental insurance company. You will receive extra insurance coverage along with what you already have.

You should fill out a form if you want further information about what Aflac will cover. Receive a quote on the procedure or treatment. This way, you can determine what plan works best for your family.

Orthodontic Coverage Options for 2022

Did you find this guide on orthodontic coverage helpful? Research the different types of insurance available and the orthodontic treatment coverage. Make sure you have the right coverage for your needs.

You should find out what you have currently and if you need more coverage.

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