Online Casino Dealers: Are They Really Live?

You might have heard of live online casino dealers and games, but are they really live? Find out the answer to this question and more here!

Since early 2020, we’ve been in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve had to adjust our lifestyles significantly to remain safe yet active.

What this meant was a mass migration from physical to online activities, such as working from home. And in addition to work, play also went digital.

Online casinos were a thing even before the pandemic, but they became even more popular when we had to self-isolate.

But you might have some questions about these sites, like are online casino dealers actually live? Read on to find out!

Are Live Dealer Games Actually Live?

The simple answer is yes!

When you “sit down” at a live online casino, the people you’re seeing on the screen are real. They’re interacting with their tables in real-time, which means nothing is prerecorded. Everything you’re seeing the dealer say and do is live and in reaction to the things they’re seeing.

There are rumors that the live dealers are actually AI, but we promise you these are actual people behind webcams. This offers a human experience that’s so interactive, you’ll feel as if you’re actually there.

How Do Live Dealer Games Work?

A real money online casino operates in two different ways. Some will rent out a studio and decorate it so it looks like an actual casino or they’ll use a green screen to CGI a casino appearance. Others will have parts of actual casinos dedicated to live streaming games.

Either way, there are cameras set up to broadcast live casino games. The filmed area is decorated attractively, the dealers are dressed and made up, and the areas are lit up optimally so you can see everything clearly.

For better visibility, the dealers will often work with larger decks of cards or other items (such as a roulette wheel). These things are only aesthetic and won’t affect the odds.

The dealers are able to view a screen where they can see everything that’s going on in chat. So when you join a table, they’ll greet you by name as if you were at an actual land-based casino.

What’s even better is you can chat with your fellow players. This is done only through text, but the dealers will keep up with the chatroom and react accordingly based on what’s said. This allows you to feel as if you were playing in a real casino!

Enjoy Gambling Safely With Online Casino Dealers

Now you know that online casino dealers are actually hosting games in real-time. So if you’ve been missing land-based casinos and want to get in on the action while social distancing, know that playing casino games online is a fantastic alternative. Not only will you get to interact with the dealers, but you’ll also get to chat with the other players, which can make it an immersive experience!

To learn more about online casino games, check out the rest of our blog posts now.

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