My Water Bill Is Too High! What Do I Do?


“My water bill is too high!”

Has that thought been running through your mind this month? Well, with the average American using a staggering 88 gallons of water per day, you’re far from only one! We could all do with reducing our consumption and freeing up some cash in the process.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of possible ways to rectify the issue. Want to find out about the best ones? Keep reading to learn our top tips on how to lower water bills ASAP.

Take Shorter Showers

Almost everybody loves a long, scorching-hot shower in the morning. Alas, it’s bad news for your water bills. Indulging in long showers (and/or deep baths) might feel great at the time, but you’ll feel the pinch when you get the bill!

Do yourself a financial favor and shorten those bathing routines. Every extra minute you stay in there is sending cash down the drain.

Invest In Better Appliances

No attempt at resolving high water bills is complete without considering water-efficiency. Trust us, using old and outdated appliances (think washing machines and dishwashers) is a one-way ticket to excessive water consumption. They’re inefficient at their job, and that’s expensive!

It might be time to go shopping. Investing in modern, water (and energy) efficient appliances will lead to immediate savings.

Leverage Full Loads

We can’t place all the blame on our appliances though. Own wasteful practices at home are often more expensive than mere inefficient machines. Case and point?

Turning on the dishwasher and/or washing machine without filling them up first! Try to wait for a full load before hitting ‘go’ instead. You’ll wash more stuff with the same amount of water, saving money along the way.

Oh, and while you’re at it, you could skip that extra rinse cycle and steer clear of the permanent press function. Both changes will save huge amounts of water (and cash) every month.

Fix Any Issues

Those sky-high bills might be the result of flaws in your water system. You might have a leak somewhere, for example, or those pesky faucets might be dripping money down the drain. Whatever the case, it’s worth investigating (especially when there’s no other obvious explanation for the spike in your water bills).

We recommend working with professionals though. Whether you call out your local plumber or Blair and Norris, they’ll visit your home and resolve any issues in no time.

My Water Bill Is Too High! Time to Fix It

Water consumption’s at an all-time high in the US. And, no matter where you live, water ain’t cheap! In fact, you can bet your bottom dollar that countless people right now are thinking ‘my water bill is too high’.

If you’re one of them, then we hope the tips in this post will help. Keep them in mind and you should see those bills start dropping in no time. Want to read more articles like this one?

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