4 Things to Know Before Moving to the Country

moving to the country

Did you know that living in the country can benefit your mental health? If you want to know what to consider when moving to the country, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the benefits of living in the country.

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1. Consider the Commute

When you head to the country, you could end up being farther away from your work. How long is the commute? You’ll want to factor in the commute distance and gas prices when you calculate the costs.

Do you need to get to work early in the morning, or will you be on-call? Some people can work from home, but others need to travel for their work. Decide what works best for you and your family.

2. What About Utilities?

How available are utilities in your area? Does the electricity go down from storms? Does it take a long time for the power to get restored?

Solar panels or generators are something to think about when living in the country. You could consider propane. Learn more about the best propane suppliers.

Also, do you have access to high-speed internet and cell phone reception? If you work from home, you’ll need these services. Consider if there’s reliable satellite or cable available.

Another thing to find out about is the water supply. Does your new home use well water or get water from a municipal source? Will you need to dig another well? What is the quality of the water?

Many homes in the country will use septic systems and don’t have municipal sewer services. Septic systems tend to be expensive to maintain and repair.

3. How Available Are Local Services?

If you end up having a medical emergency, will it take a long time for the ambulance to arrive? How far is an urgent care office or the hospital emergency room?

If you or your child became ill in the middle of the night, would it take a long time to get to the nearest hospital?

Think about the local school system as well. Is the school far away, and is transportation provided?

4. What About Transportation?

Do you have a reliable working vehicle? If you live in the country, you won’t have access to the taxis, train systems, and buses like you would in a large city. Having reliable transportation is essential.

How far is the gas station? Maintain your fuel level, so you don’t get stranded on an old country road. You’ll also want to keep your vehicle in good condition if you end up using it more.

Get regular oil changes, and don’t wait around to fix your vehicle if something sounds off.

Now You Know What to Consider Before Moving to the Country

We hope this guide on moving to the country was helpful. Now that you know more about living in the country, start figuring out if you can make it work.

Make sure you will have adequate cell reception and access to the internet.

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