Moving Day Checklist: What to Do the Day of

Want to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible? This moving day checklist will help you prepare for the day of.

The coronavirus pandemic briefly halted moving plans in 2020. Now, the real estate market is hotter than ever and Americans are on the move.

In a typical year, more than 40 million Americans move each year. This figure accounts for roughly 13% of the entire country.

An even greater share of people is moving in 2021. Thanks to remote working and learning, some Americans are acquiring the flexibility to live wherever they choose. This is leading to a mass exodus from many major American cities.

Read on to explore a moving day checklist. Explore topics such as how to prepare for a move and other crucial moving tips.

Purchase Moving Supplies

The first step is preparing for your big move. Start by purchasing or renting the essential moving supplies.

This list includes boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap. You may also need to rent a dolly to move heavier boxes.

Once you have the necessary supplies, you can start packing boxes. Make sure to properly mark boxes and indicate whether any fragile items are inside.


It is not easy to move to a new location. Whether it is across the street or the country, you need resources to help on moving day.

Perhaps the most important step is to bring in bodies to help carry heavy items. You are going to need some muscle to lift large couches and bedroom furniture.

Some movers decide to enlist the help of family and friends. Others choose to bring in professional movers and leave the heavy lifting to a hired hand.


Now that you have able bodies to help carry heavy items, it is time to make a choice on transportation. There are a few different ways to get your personal belongings from point A to B.

For decades, movers have rented large moving vehicles like a U-Haul for transportation. However, moving containers are growing in popularity.

Moving trucks are rented for a fixed amount of time. Many movers rent the vehicle for a day and then rush to maximize its usage.

Moving containers, on the other hand, offer people the ability to take their time. They can be dropped off in advance of moving day to spread the work out.

In addition, they do not need to be emptied immediately. You can have the container dropped off at your new house. This allows for a stress-free move without the constraints of time.

Movers can wait until their strongest relative is available to carry that item. Or, they can store items until the room is painted first. Moving containers provide maximum flexibility and are a worthy alternative to other moving vehicles.

Moving Day Checklist: A Recap

Moving day can be stressful if you do not have all your ducks in a row. It is important not to procrastinate when planning for a moving day.

This checklist is certain to help lock down the major decisions. Bringing in a helpful hand and reserving your preferred transportation method is crucial. If you enjoyed this moving day checklist, check out our blog for more great content.

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