Make More Money: 7 Types of Side Hustles to Consider Trying

Are you looking for ways bring in some extra cash? Read through this list of different types of side hustles that are worth trying out today.

More than 80% of Americans don’t think they make enough money. Most are living paycheck-to-paycheck. But getting a raise, or finding a new job that pays enough is harder than ever before.

Luckily, we live in a day in age where starting a side hustle is easier than ever before. So rather than busting your butt working overtime at your current job, you can start a fun side hustle so that you can work for yourself and make extra money.

With so many different types of side hustles to choose from, there’s an unlimited supply of opportunities. And who knows, maybe you make enough with your side hustle to go full-time so you can quit your day job for good.

Need some help getting started? We cover seven of the best side hustle ideas down below.

1. Gig Economy Side Hustle Jobs

The gig economy is one of the first places people start when trying to make money on the side. This encompasses companies like Uber, Lyft, Shipt, DoorDash, and many others.

By driving for Uber, for example, you work for yourself. You’re an independent contractor in charge of your own schedule. You just operate within the infrastructure that Uber has built.

They have the customers and the technology, and they just need independent drivers to fulfill the service.

In the gig economy, you can work as much or as little as you want. You can work before your day job, after your day job, on weekends, or even on your lunch break.

It’s easy to get started in the gig economy, and it provides great revenue potential. Plus, it teaches you how to manage your time as a self-employed worker, which can prepare you for bigger and better side hustles in the future.

2. Maker Market

Like to work with your hands to create art or other physical products? The handmade market has been growing steadily for the past few years, thanks to platforms like Etsy.

Many consumers are looking to purchase unique items or gifts that they can’t find at big-box retailers. Whether it’s a custom scarf, funny greeting cards, or one-of-a-kind jewelry, the makers market is booming.

Using platforms like Etsy and running local pop-up shops, you can start building your brand in your spare time.

Sometimes you may need a little startup cash to purchase your initial stock or materials. Luckily now there are loans for freelancers. This had been a crucial development in recent years as traditional sources of loans have always been a bit wary of freelancers and microloans. However, make sure to have a solid business plan before taking any debt on.

3. Real Estate Side Hustles

Real estate is one of the greatest avenues for wealth preservation and wealth building. It’s one of the most reliable investment vehicles on the planet.

But you don’t have to have a lot of money in order to make money in real estate. In fact, there are various types of side hustles you can start with little or no money down.

For example, you can get into wholesaling, where you find great deals on properties, get them under contract, and sell that contract to an investor with the money to actually purchase the property. For your service, you get a cut.

Once you have a little money in the bank, you can even purchase your own investment property to rent out to start earning monthly cash flow. And if you are currently or have been an active military member in the past, you can even get a property for no money down. Learn more about rental real estate here.

4. Freelancing

Looking for online side hustles? There are few things better than making extra money from your computer. That way, you can stay home and work, head to your favorite coffee shop, or even work while traveling, to help pay for your vacation while you’re on it.

Freelancing is the process of providing virtual services in one way or another. You could be a freelance writer, writing blog posts for different companys’ websites.

Or if you prefer creating, you could be a freelance graphic designer. Or if you like sound production, you could edit podcasts as a freelancer.

There’s no shortage of freelance opportunities available. Just choose a skill, hone it, and start using online freelance job boards to find your first gig.

5. Service-Based Business

You can provide various in-person services if you don’t want to sit behind a computer to make extra money. You could walk dogs as a side hustle, scoop pet poop, mow lawns, detail cars, or any number of physical services.

You don’t have to build a full-time company to offer these services. Many of them can be completed around your current schedule or on weekends.

6. Day Trading

Trading is highly lucrative. If you like numbers, financial markets, and studying charts, then you could potentially be a great trader.

In the past, day trading was limited to those who had more than $25,000 that they could put into a trading account. But today, trading is available to anyone with any budget.

You can trade stocks, foreign currencies, or cryptocurrency. Crypto is one of the biggest emerging markets right now, and opportunities to make profitable trades exist all day, every day.

Learning to trade takes a long time. But if you develop solid trading strategies and maintain good discipline, you can make a lot of money as a trader, eventually working just an hour or two a day.

7. Flipping

Flipping is one of the easiest side hustles you can get into. And if you love finding a great deal, this opportunity will also be plenty of fun.

Flipping is the incredibly simple process of finding something you can buy for cheap, selling it at a higher price, and pocketing the difference. Many flippers head to their local thrift stores, or to garage sales, to find unwanted goods that could be sold through online marketplaces for much more money.

While some people focus on things like books or clothing, others will focus on furniture or even cars. Many people will start with a small budget of around $100 and eventually grow it to be many thousands of dollars.

Choosing Between the Different Types of Side Hustles

There are many other types of side hustles you can experiment with as well. With so much opportunity available today, it would be impossible to list them all in one place.

If you’re looking to get started on something fast, any of the options listed above are great ideas. Plus, they can easily become a full-time gig, if you want it to be.

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