Is It Worth Restoring Old Windows? The Pros and Cons

If you've got older windows in your home, you might wonder whether it's worth restoring old windows or if replacing them is better. Here's what you must know.

Did you know that most homeowners have started renovations since the pandemic began? Consider the projects at home. If you want to learn about whether you should replace or repair your windows, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the different factors to consider about restoring old windows.

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Your Windows Have Begun to Leak

If you’re dealing with a leaking window, you might want to replace the window. A leak coming through a window instead of a window seal or casing won’t hold up in a storm.

Gutters and drainpipes sometimes will route a ton of water toward the window. Make sure you check the seal of your window.

If you ruled out the seal and casing, and the water still gets through the window, look at a replacement.

Sometimes, the leak occurs between the window molding or around the sash. Address these leaks by applying caulk around the trim or replacing weather stripping.

You could also look at adding a storm window to your existing windows. You can limit the amount of air that enters in and out the window.

Storm windows also tend to cost a lot less compared to new windows. This is an alternative to replacing your windows. If you choose storm windows, you could see savings on energy costs too.

Consider the Maintenance Work

If you keep old windows in decent shape, you should have windows that will last a long time. You will need to continue to check for rotting frames, cracks, or leaks.

A lot of homeowners don’t always have the energy to maintain their windows. Consider how much time you have and if you can maintain your older windows.

If not, consider getting new windows so you can focus on other projects. Some homeowners think it’s cheaper to make minor repairs or caulk around a window. If you do decide on new windows, simply Google “High Point replacement windows” or whichever area you live in. Now you can check some reviews and find a company that suits your needs.

Yet, you could also call in a professional window repair company. Professionals will come to your home to complete window restoration. You won’t have to worry about the maintenance work.

Do You Want to Update Your Home?

Depending on your location, you might be part of a strict homeowner association. There are rules in place for people who want to replace windows. Make sure you check the HOA first beforehand.

If your home is newer, consider updating your windows by buying brand new windows. Replacing windows is an excellent investment and can be a great feature to list when you sell your home.

Think about the long-term, and whether you would like to get new windows. If you would like to make your home more efficient, consider replacing your windows.

When you make your windows more efficient, you’ll see savings on your energy bill. A window restoration service could also help with making your windows more efficient.

Do You Own a Historic Home?

Historic homes will have rules about window replacements. You’ll repair windows instead of replacing them so you can maintain the architecture. The repairs will protect your windows and home’s heritage.

Most of the older windows get made from glass and wood and tend to last longer.

You might want to replace old windows for a quick fix, but you might end up getting an inferior product.

Your Windows Won’t Open

If you have older windows that won’t open, you should look at getting them replaced. Sometimes, older windows have gotten painted shut. Painting windows shut will provide them with a weathertight seal.

Yet, homeowners want to be able to open the windows during the year. You could get rid of the seal if it were a paint job.

Windows also get stuck shut if the sash came off. Sometimes, the cord on the sash weight can break. You could repair this issue and not have to replace the windows.

Low-Quality Exterior Casing

If the casing turns rotten or loosens, you might want to get a replacement. Yet, wait before you buy new windows. If the casing’s damaged, you can get a replacement casing.

Don’t worry about completely replacing your windows. Instead, rule out other issues first. Make sure you repair your windows with high-quality materials.

What Are the Cons to Window Restoration?

A major downside of restoring old windows is what it will cost to make them efficient again. The process of restoring old windows is time-consuming.

Hiring a professional who has the right materials will cost a fair amount. The materials and equipment are also challenging to find.

Also, restoration can cause some health risks. Lead paint exposure can become a threat.

What About the Pros of Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows will help cut down on energy costs because they are well-insulated. New windows will also be a lot easier to open. Old windows have a pulley system.

Some people will choose to replace older windows with a similar design to their windows. The installation of new windows will also go fast.

Now You Know More About Restoring Old Windows

We hope this guide on replacing or repairing windows was helpful. Now that you know what to look for when replacing windows call in an expert to help you decide.

You might get away with repairing the casing or sealing instead of buying new windows. Professionals will come in and help with restoring old windows.

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