Is It Possible To Sue Someone After a Fight

Is It Possible To Sue Someone After a Fight

If you have engaged in a physical altercation, you may wonder if you can sue the other persons involved. The simplest answer is that you can sue practically anyone for anything, but nuances to the answer to this question are essential to understand.

What Happens if I Punched Someone as Part of the Altercation?

If you threw a punch during a fight, it is often difficult to prove that you either have a claim for battery against the other party or deserve any damages. A common defense for the other party in an altercation would be a claim of self-defense, saying that you were the one that started the fight. 

On the other hand, if you were the party defending themselves because someone else started to fight, that is a different matter and gets to the heart of the question of can you sue someone for fighting you. For example, if you can prove that another party acted extremely, such as showing a gun, you could easily make a case that you have justification for striking someone else.

How Many Monetary Damages Could I Receive as Part of a Lawsuit?

A variety of factors go into answering the question of how much you can receive, including how severe an injury you or the other party received as well as whether or not you got treatment for your injury. 

Beyond those factors, there will also be the matter of the cost of your medical bills, whether or not the other party has insurance, where this incident occurred, and if there was any personal property damage. 

Is It Ever Legal To Physically Strike Someone Else?

In most states, there is generally a legal way to strike someone. A typical example of this would be when it is consensual in a sport like boxing. In this type of occurrence, more often than not, a party cannot sue another one for an injury due to a physical altercation expected among both parties. 

If I Know the Other Party Does Not Have Insurance Is a Lawsuit Worth My Time?

One of the most vital things you can do after a physical altercation is to gather as much information as possible. If you can get witness statements and contact information, that will undoubtedly help to strengthen your case.

If you have substantial medical bills after an altercation, your only recourse for recouping some of these calls is to file suit against the other party. This choice will be true whether the other party has insurance or not.

The intricacies of filing a lawsuit after a physical altercation can have many complications. If you choose this route, engaging an attorney as soon as possible after the altercation is vital to ensure you get the process started as quickly as possible.

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