Innovative Design for Small Kitchens

Innovative Design for Small Kitchens

Corner kitchen cabinets often present storage challenges. They can occupy important floor space and be challenging to reach.

There are many ways to work around these issues. Check out these innovative cabinet storage ideas that will help you maximize your kitchen’s efficiency. They’ll also add to your home’s overall beauty!

Lazy Susans

Installed in many pre-existing cabinets, a lazy Susan turntable can be tucked away in a corner to allow quick access to objects that are difficult to reach. Use dividers to store smaller items, such as utensils or pot holders, on each tier for added organization.

If a kidney-shaped lazy susan doesn’t work in your cabinet layout, consider a pie-cut version that allows you to place multiple trays on the turntable. This option is slightly more expensive but can be very useful in a small kitchen when space is at a premium.

To make sure your items are easily found, label the rotating trays. This is also a great time to purge outdated or no longer-needed pantry items.

Corner Drawers

One of the simplest, longest-lasting, and cost-effective corner kitchen cabinet storage ideas is a Lazy Susan. These simple shelves spin in a circle for easy access to all sides. Small door-mount shelves and pull-out baskets also work well in this space.

Often-used pantry items get lost in deep corner cabinetry. They are hard to reach daily, so it’s essential to employ innovative storage solutions that make these items more accessible. These kitchen shelving ideas allow you to maximize your pantry without sacrificing floor or counter space.

Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

Using floor-to-ceiling storage is one way to get the most out of corner cabinets. This option keeps items in sight, which prevents them from getting lost in the back and creates a gallery-like display.

Lower corner cabinets can be challenging, and items often must be recovered or remembered in the back. To solve this problem, install a swing-out shelf organizer.

This solution is excellent for storing dry foods like packets of rice, pasta, cereal, or smaller appliances and supplies such as spices, oils, measuring spoons/cups, and medicines. It’s also a good solution for blind corner cabinets. A frosted or textured glass insert keeps contents visible while adding a refined look.

Glass Inserts

A see-through glass insert in your corner cabinet transforms a blind spot into an ideal place to showcase decorative utensils or pretty pitchers. This design is a good option for upper cabinets since it leaves room underneath for storage but doesn’t crowd your countertop.

Another way to take advantage of dead space is to use a pull-out trash system, like those that can be built into your lower corner cabinets. This makes it easy to tuck away food waste or trash without having to open your cabinet doors, and it’s also a great alternative to a Lazy Susan solution for hard-to-reach areas of your kitchen.

Open Shelves

If you don’t need large items in your corner kitchen cabinets, try using them for aesthetically pleasing small appliances or containers. Round and turnable storage containers like lazy susans and turntables work best for spices, oils, measuring cups/spoons, and medicines.

Alternatively, if you have lower blind corner cabinets, add a slide-out shelf organizer to maximize the space. These are especially useful for storing hard-to-reach lower-corner cabinet items such as pots, pans, and cooking utensils.

A few extra storage options for your corner cabinet can make your kitchen feel more spacious and less cluttered. The trick is finding a combination of storage ideas for your needs.

Rounded Cabinet Doors

Whether your cabinets are square or L-shaped, you can create more storage space by turning them into a corner pantry. This allows you to store more food items and kitchen utensils.

A rounded cabinet door is another way to make accessing stored items in your corner base cabinets easier. It can help prevent things from getting lost in the back of the cabinet and is available in multiple sizes and styles.

Just be sure to fill your pantry cabinets sparingly because they can become difficult to reach. Remember to use glass or clear containers when storing food items in your pantry so you can see what’s inside.

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