How to Transform a Hoarded Home into a Beautiful Living Space

How to Transform a Hoarded Home into a Beautiful Living Space

According to a new study conducted by Hammonds Furniture found that almost three in ten (29%) Brits have a clear out of their home as often as once – 5% even go one step further with a once-a-week out. This is easier said than done when you have a hoarding disorder, but it is by no means beyond your reach.

Your mood and health are reflected in your space, so living in a hoarded home can prove challenging.  With the right strategies in place, transforming your home into a beautiful space that supports you physically and mentally is achievable.

Understanding Hoarding

Compulsive hoarding is different than just accumulating possessions and having trouble parting with them. This disorder is where an individual acquires an excessive number of items and stores them in a chaotic and unmanageable manner that can negatively affect their quality of life and interfere with everyday living.

There are several reasons why somebody adopts this chronic disorganisation, including personality types, depression and past traumatic experiences. The items that are hoarded may be limited in value, but an individual develops a deep attachment to their items which prevents them from throwing them away. This leads to significantly cluttered living and no room for daily activities.

According to Hoarding Disorders UK, between 2.5% and 6% of the UK population is affected by a hoarding disorder. While it is a very complex issue, people can make positive changes to their lives.

The Decluttering Process

While the initial decluttering process might seem daunting or distressing, parting with the extreme clutter is the first step to transforming your home. Start by setting yourself achievable goals and breaking down overwhelming tasks into bite-size, manageable chunks. Begin clearing off a tabletop before progressing over to that overflowing cupboard or cabinet.

You can create space and make organisation easier by investing in storage solutions such as fitted wardrobes. This will help you to section away the items that you are keeping and will give each possession a home, preventing clutter from building up in your living areas.

Maintaining the Transformation

Often it is maintaining the organisation that is more difficult than the change itself but there are some tips you can use to prevent relapsing into hoarding behaviours. It’s okay if you need to try a few things before you find what works best.

Scheduling a set time in your week to clean can prevent jobs from accumulating and overwhelming you. Have a plan for where your items will go, whether that is the bin or a charity shop, and stick with it every week. If you’re having trouble parting with possessions, ask whether you’ve used an item in the last year – if not, get rid of it.

Regular routines will help keep you calm, and your surroundings organised.

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