How to Safely Purchase Medicine Online

It is important to stay safe when buying medication over the internet. Here is a quick guide on how to safely purchase medicine online.

In the US, the average health spending per capita amounted to $10,966 in 2019. While that’s twice more than Canada, Canadians still had an average per capita spending of $5,418.

Either way, a good chunk of those expenditures always go toward buying medicine.

For that reason, buying medicine online has become a popular practice. After all, legitimate online pharmacies (LOPs) do offer lower-cost drugs.

Unfortunately, not all online pharmacies (OPs) are legitimate. As such, you must know how to confirm an OP’s legitimacy.

This guide lists some of the top safety tips for buying medications online, so be sure to read on.

Purchase Only from Certified and Verified Pharmacies

Legitimate online pharmacies are those certified by pharmacy checker and verification programs. These certifications, in turn, come from pharmacy regulatory authority boards and organizations. Only certified pharmacies have proper licenses to sell medications online.

The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) is an example of a certifying agency. Another is the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC). also issues certifications to Canadian LOPs.

US LOPs have earned the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s (NABP) VIPPS Seal. VIPPS stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites. It’s safe to buy medication from these OPs as they have met their state’s and NABP’s requirements.

Confirm the Online Pharmacy’s Credentials

Reputable and legitimate pharmacies publish their license details online. You should see this on their website’s home page, about page, and even the contact page. Note these pieces of information down, including the name of the pharmacy manager.

Then, call the OP and ask to talk to their pharmacy manager or another licensed pharmacist (RPh).

Now, keep in mind that Canada is home to 43,686 licensed practicing pharmacists. For a Canadian OP to be legit, it must employ at least one of these RPhs. If the RPh you talk to isn’t the manager, be sure to ask for their name and license info.

You can then contact your provincial Pharmacy Board to verify the details given to you by the RPh. Give them the pharmacy’s name and license info too so that they can confirm its legitimacy.

Do the same if you’re in the US, which is home to over 332,000 RPhs. Don’t forget to call your state Board of Pharmacy to verify their credentials.

Avoid OPs That Don’t Require Prescriptions for Rx Drugs

Prescriptions are necessary to help regulate the use and sales of potent drugs. That’s because prescription drugs can be dangerous, addictive, or deadly if misused. That’s why no pharmacy can or should sell Rx drugs without a valid prescription.

Unfortunately, many IOPs sell Rx drugs without written prescriptions. Not only is this illegal, but it also places the public at a huge health risk.

So, when purchasing medicine that requires an Rx, make sure the OP asks for a written prescription. If they don’t, take that as a red flag and report that site to your state or provincial Pharmacy Board.

Prioritize Your Safety When Buying Medicine Online

So long as you follow our tips on purchasing medicine online, you can save a lot of money on your meds. More than that, you can ensure you’re dealing with a legitimate and safe pharmacy.

So, as early as today, look up your state or provincial Pharmacy Board’s contact info. This way, you can call them anytime to help you verify an online pharmacy’s legitimacy.

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