How to Remove your Invisalign Aligners


As you know that you need to wear your aligners for 21 days, then take an Aligner off day, where you can remove your aligners and brush well. It is essential to leave them out for at least one night to breathe and adjust to normal. 

Taking the aligner off overnight will also give your teeth and your gums a chance to rest. On an off day, you should brush your teeth twice and floss once after removing the aligners. 

There are several different options for removing them Aligners, they include;

Use a mirror and your fingers

This will help you to pry the aligner from the back of your teeth. It will make it much easier to remove, and you can see exactly what you are doing in the mirror. Make use of the index and middle fingers of both your hands as a wedge to pop the aligner out. It will then come off quickly with a little upwards pressure. 

You can also use your toothbrush or an orange stick to do this, although it is not recommended as you might drop the aligner and damage it beyond repair.

Cut the top and bottom of the aligners

You can use a regular old pair of scissors or buy the specific Invisalign removal tool. It is important to note that your invisalign dentist will not provide you with this tool.

If you happen to lose the remover, do not worry. You can still pop off your aligner with a good, sharp pair of scissors or small nail clippers.

Get yourself an aligner remover

These are easier than the other two options on this list, but they can be pretty expensive. You place the tool on the front of your teeth and push it down so it grabs onto your aligner on both sides. Then you pull it off like a band-aid! Remember that you should never force it off and if it doesn’t work the first time, try again.

Use a tooth floss

You can wrap the string floss around one side of your teeth after popping off the front plastic part. Then pull it off using both floss and hands. Just remember to floss before removing them so you don’t damage your gums!

Use a metal pick

This tool is an Invisalign remover that you can purchase from your dentist or a store that specializes in dental supplies. These are a lot more expensive than the other options on this list, so they might not be worth the investment if you have to buy them yourself. 

You press it against the front of your teeth and push down, forcing it between your teeth to hold onto both sides of the aligner. Then you pull hard!

Use a floss threader

This is another option that can be pretty expensive, although if you have an assistant, it might not cost you much at all – remember to tip your assistant! 

You thread the floss string under your front teeth and then pull it out, leaving the top of the aligner exposed. Then you can pop off the front plastic part and use your fingers to untuck it from between all of your teeth!

Ask a friend or family member

This one is the best option. Just ask someone to help you! It is pretty hard for your average person to remove them without some form of assistance, even if they have an aligner remover or floss threader. It will save you money and prevent you from damaging any part of your mouth.

Dip it in water

This one is not recommended since you might end up with water stains on your Aligners, or they could fall apart due to the moisture. Take them into the bathroom with you when you are showering, fill a cup of warm water and dunk them in for about 30 seconds. Then let them dry, and they should slide right off!

You have many ways to remove your aligners. If you have an assistant, they might be able to help you even if you can’t use one of the options on this list! Also, using an Aligner remover or floss threader is always best so that you don’t damage your gums or teeth in any way. 

Be sure to practice good oral hygiene, and you should be able to take your aligners out safely and without any problems or pain!

Author name– Layla Griffin

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