How to Remove a Dead Tree Off Your Property (and Why It’s Important!)

how to remove a dead tree

The beauty that mature trees add to your home’s landscaping is unmatched. Plus, they provide shade and add privacy—if they’re alive.

A dead tree causes nothing but problems. Not only is a dead tree an eyesore, but it can potentially kill you or someone you love if it comes crashing down in your yard.

Whether a tree on your property has died of old age or a pest invasion, you must remove it as soon as possible. Check with a Tree Service near me to help you with thisIf you’ve never done this before, read on for a quick guide to how to remove a dead tree. 

Why You Need to Remove Dead Trees

When a tree falls in your yard, it can do a lot of damage. As a tree dies, it’s wood weakens due to a lack of nutrients and moisture. A weak tree is susceptible to falling down in strong winds or when the ground shifts as the season changes and the soil freezes and thaws.

A dead tree can cause several types of damage. It can take down your power and utility lines, total your car, or crash through your roof—causing major damage to your home.

If a tree or branch falls into your neighbor’s property and causes injury or destruction, you may be liable for the damage.

The dangers of dead trees also include injury or even death. If someone dies on your property due to a fallen tree, you could be held responsible.

And even if the entire tree doesn’t fall, large limbs can break off in heavy wind or under the weight of snow and ice. These are all reasons to look into dead tree removal.

How to Remove a Dead Tree

If the dead tree is smaller than eight feet tall, it probably doesn’t pose much danger to you or your property, but you should remove it anyway. If it died from disease, it could pass contagious diseases to other trees and plants in your yard.

You may be able to remove a smaller tree safely on your own. 

Water the Soil

Yes, we’re telling you to water the dead tree. Water the tree’s base the day before removal, as it’s easier to dig in softer soil. 

Dig a Hole Around the Trunk

Next, you’ll need to dig a hole around the tree trunk diameter with a sharp spade. Make sure to dig out from the base and deep enough to dig out the entire root.

Remove the Tree

Once you’ve cleared the space around the base of the tree, wedge the spade underneath the tree’s root mass. Then, free the tree from the soil.

Taking down a tree that’s larger than eight feet tall is dangerous for anyone to do alone. In this case, you’ll want to consult a tree removal professional for more information.

Continue to Care for Your Property and Your Home 

Now that you understand the dangers of dead trees, you can take care to remove them before they cause damage to your home, your family, or your neighbors. Knowing how to remove a dead tree can save you from future headaches.

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