How To Prepare Your Home For A Professional Paint Job

Failing to prepare for a task is a surefire way of preparing to fail. So goes the adage. The same is true when preparing to remodel your house. In the end, preparation is vital to get professional painting experience.

If painting your home is on your list of projects this year, it only makes sense to get Atlanta paint contractors for the ultimate results. If you reside in Atlanta, SuperiorPRO can get the job done for you quickly and efficiently. Below are some expert tips that can save you time and money when preparing for a comprehensive and state-of-the-art paint job.

Remove All Pictures And Wall Decorations Beforehand

This is the first step you should undertake before the painting crew arrives. Doing so minimizes the crew’s work during painting. You can store these decorations and pictures in a rental or container space.

This ensures that family photos and your favorite artwork don’t get in touch with wet paint. Do this a week before the painting job.

Store Ornaments

Whether repainting your home for sale or having a better aesthetic look, you should consider storing your ornaments, like antiques and statues, in portable storage. This will enable you to have easy access.

By extension, considering a temporary storage room makes sense. Keeping these items in your home is only appropriate if only one floor is painted or all other rooms besides the basement are painted.

If that’s the case, ensure you cover your ornaments away from garbage and dust. As moisture is not an issue in the garage, you could store these items there conveniently.

Give The Painters Space To Work

In truth, most professional Atlanta paint contractors need space. Ensure that you clear furniture and any accessories that may cause distraction during the painting process. This is another way of getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

You are more likely to return your house to normal in no time. It is worth mentioning that the more complex a painting job becomes, the more you spend extra money. If you want to save money, make the painting process easier for the painters.

Your Pet And Family Members Should Not Be Present

As you may know, your home will not return to normalcy the same day the painting job ends. In essence, paint requires time to dry. For this reason, you need to ask a friend to take care of your pets for a day or two. Your children also need to be away to avoid the risk of fume exposure and walking barefoot in the house.

Do Thorough Cleaning

Doing a thorough cleaning of even hard-to-reach areas is another way to ease the work of the painters. When the house is clean, you can rest assured that no dust or garbage will land on your freshly painted walls before it dries.

Partner With a Professional Paint Contractor

Suppose you want to paint your home and live in Atlanta. Numerous Atlanta paint contractors would be proud to have them do a professional job for you. Ensure that the professional painting team provides excellent painting services by researching online to get reviews of previous customers’ comments.

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