How to Know if Your Furnace Needs Repair

How to Know if Your Furnace Needs Repair

Did you move into a new place with a furnace? It might be an older one, so you’re wondering if you might need to get it repaired. That part is easy: You can find a furnace repair person by doing something like looking online for “furnace repair Olympia” if you live in the area. But it can be hard to tell if you need to have someone fix it — you don’t want to be paying a lot for multiple visits. Here are some things to look for: 

Abnormal Smells

If you’ve had a furnace before, you get good at recognizing what’s a normal smell and what can indicate that something has gone wrong with it. The dominant smell is usually the fuel that you use to run it, but that’s only when you initially start it. After that, it should quickly dissipate. If it returns or continues to linger, then something’s wrong. If you smell gas, then that is a big problem, and you need to have someone come fix it, quickly. 

Strange Noises

Your furnace isn’t always going to be silent, but the sounds should be intermittent and not too loud. If the volume and intensity increase, then that can indicate that something’s going wrong in there. Call a repair person to have them come take a look at it to make sure nothing’s going on with the belt or fan or with the interior components. 

Difficulty Turning the Furnace On

While there might be a bit of a wait for your furnace to initially kick in, it shouldn’t take too long. Older furnaces tend to become a lot more fussy in this regard, though, so if you notice that it’s giving you a lot of trouble, have someone come take a look. It might be time to get a new furnace. Usually, though, it just needs a repair, like re-connecting a wire or replacing a certain part.  

The Pilot Light is Discolored

Take a look at your furnace’s pilot light. Is it a steady blue? That’s a good sign since it indicates that the pilot light is healthy. If it’s yellow or any other color, then that usually points to a ventilation issue. As a result, carbon monoxide could leak, which is very dangerous for you and your family. Regularly check your pilot lights and if you notice that you’re getting headaches, open a window and call a repair person. 

In most or all of these cases, it’s better to be cautious and have someone come take a look at your furnace. Otherwise, you run the risk of having a serious complication with your furnace, one that could even involve your place being on fire. Chances are good that it will be an easy repair. Paying a bit of money for a repair like that is much better than having to rebuild a fire-damaged home. 

If you pay attention to the above signs, then you will likely have a good experience with your furnace, since problems will be solved earlier. Then you can just focus on enjoying the warmth that it gives off on those freezing winter days. 

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