How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Healthy

How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Healthy

As a business owner or manager, you probably have a lot on your plate. From customer satisfaction, and scheduling demands to performance reviews, it’s likely that there’s little time to stop for a break during your day. Upbeat, motivated employees are therefore one of the biggest forms of support when it comes to running a business, so it’s vital that you keep your team happy and healthy. But how can you do this in a way that brings everyone together? Here are our top tactics that you can introduce to build employee morale from day one.

Prioritize Communication

Firstly, it’s important to understand the key issues surrounding your employees’ wellbeing. The best way to do this is through clear, regular communication, as any challenges or difficulties can be discussed as soon as they arise, rather than be left to snowball into an unmanageable situation. Try to implement a communication strategy that is consistent and allows for anonymous feedback if you want to gain the clearest picture of how your staff currently feel.

Offer Incentives

Incentives don’t just need to come in the form of monetary bonuses or pay rises. When you’re managing people, a key factor in your success will be how effectively you can motivate your team to perform at the top of their game. You can do this by offering incentives that include additional vacation days, awards for high performance and in-office freebies like snacks or branded merchandise. If you manage a large business, or you’re just stuck for some inspiration, there are a number of online resources that can give you more incentive ideas.

Go Beyond the Basics

There’s the age old saying that health is wealth, and this is absolutely true when it comes to managing people. Going beyond the bare minimum and offering high-quality, extensive medical insurance is a great way to boost employee morale and keep motivation high. Employees have shown that they appreciate wellness programs, dental assistance and gym memberships that are included as a perk of their job and incorporating these elements into their overall compensation will go a long way towards building trust and loyalty. 

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Invest In Air Quality

Finally, if you want to boost employee health and productivity, it’s vital that you’re providing an office space that doesn’t put your staff members at risk. One of the most commonly overlooked health requirements of any workplace is good air quality – often, managers don’t keep on top of this, and employees end up taking time off for colds, respiratory infections and other illnesses. To avoid this, invest in a Design Mechanical air purification system, which will remove unhealthy microbes and particles from the air indoors, and leave your team feeling revitalized and ready to work.

Managing employees is no easy feat, especially if you work in a demanding industry that can leave people feeling stressed and burnt out. Luckily, by following these top tips, you can boost the overall happiness and wellbeing of your employees and notice tangible improvements to the mood in the office. By investing in your people early on, through incentive schemes, clear communication and air purification, you’ll have a motivated team who highly value the company they work for.   

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