How to Design the Perfect Military Challenge Coins

How to Design the Perfect Military Challenge Coins

Army challenges coins are a unique way to honor soldiers and their achievements. They commemorate specific units, special events, and even individuals.

Before designing your perfect coin, consider the story you want to tell. Then, use these tips to make your idea come to life.

Complementary Colors

When designing custom challenge coins, you must consider the story you want them to tell. An excellent way to do this is by using complementary colors. Choosing colors that contrast each other creates a sense of depth and dimension, and it can make your coin stand out from the rest. This is especially true if you use an image that’s bold and striking, like an airplane or ship or a memorable piece of Artwork.

The image you choose will set the tone for your coin’s design, and it’s crucial to pick something that reflects the unit or person who will receive the cash. You can even add a personal touch, like an inside joke the entire group shares or a quote that inspired them during deployments. This makes the coin more meaningful and memorable, and it will ensure it won’t end up in a drawer somewhere.

Another element that’s essential to consider is the plating color. Silver and gold are popular options, as they pair well with various enamel colors and create a more polished look. For example, a coin produced by WizardPins uses a creative combination of plating and enamel colors to create a stunning design that’s hard to miss. In addition, they offer a free quote and no-obligation design process so you can make sure your coin is precisely how you want it before they begin production.

Text-Less Designs

If you want to design a military challenge coin, one of the first things you should do is determine what story you will tell. This can be anything from the unit’s history, a particular deployment, or even a special date.

Once you’ve determined the story you want to tell, you can begin thinking about how your challenge coins look. Whether you want them to be two-sided or single-sided, how thick you want them to be, or if you would like to include an extra feature (like a bottle opener) will affect the overall style of the coin.

Plating is also essential when designing your coin. While some may see this as an unnecessary step, it adds a level of sophistication that makes the currency look more expensive and valuable. It also protects the coin from tarnishing and other damage that can occur over time.

Remember the back once you’ve decided on the details for your coin! The back of your cash is a great place to call attention to a specific aspect of the money or the story you’re telling. It can also be a great place to include the logo of your branch or another type of military symbol. If you want to make the back of your coin stand out, consider adding a simple text or phrase to make the currency look more unique and eye-catching.

Vehicle Shapes

Despite their name, challenge coins can be any shape. While the traditional round coin is excellent, a custom shape can impact your military challenge coin design more. This is especially true for larger coins, which are more likely to catch the eye of those who see them.

Using an image of a vehicle can be a great way to personalize your military challenge coin. This can include a plane, ship, helicopter, or any other car representing your unit. In addition, a 3D effect can give your military challenge coin an added level of appeal. We’ve seen everything from a snake design to brickwork patterns and even stippling designs, all of which can make your cash feel unique and eye-catching.

Creating a military challenge coin is a great way to show appreciation for a service member or unit. However, taking your time when designing the perfect challenge coin is essential. This will ensure that the cash reflects your unit’s history and pride and is worthy of being presented to its members.

3D Artwork

Adding 3D Artwork to your coin can make it feel like a real badge of honor. This can be an image of military equipment, like an airplane or ship, a logo, a map, or even a picture of your unit’s mascot.

Another way to make your coin feel unique is by choosing a background texture not found on other currencies. We’ve seen coins with brickwork patterns, stippling patterns, and even dragon scales! You can also choose to have your cash be one or two-sided. This gives you more space to create a more complex design.

While a challenge coin’s primary purpose is to show solidarity among military unit members, it can also serve as a memento for special events or milestones. For example, if your unit completes a mission in the field, you can create a custom challenge coin to celebrate the occasion.

In addition to size, shape, thickness, and background texture, you’ll also need to decide whether you want your challenge coin to have color on both sides or if it should be a solid black or white. Once you’ve decided on all these aspects, you can begin designing! So please start thinking about your perfect military challenge coin, and give us a call when you’re ready to order. We’ll be happy to help!

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