How to Choose a Vape Flavor

If you're new to the world of vaping, you've got plenty of options available on the market. Click here to discover how to choose the right vape flavor.

In 2020, 12.5% of American adults smoked cigarettes. If you’re part of this demographic, then you know what a bad habit smoking is.

But maybe you’re not ready to quit yet, and that’s ok. What you should do is switch to vaping, which isn’t quite as harmful to your health. Plus, it opens the door to wonderful vape juice flavors, so you’re not stuck with that icky nicotine smell!

If you aren’t sure where to begin, then keep reading. Here’s how to choose the right vape flavor for your taste buds.

Think About Your Usual Tastes

What do you usually crave, sweet or sour things? Your answer will make a huge difference in which e-liquid flavors you choose.

Also, do you want to create the cigarette taste or completely turn away from it? There are vape juices that taste like tobacco, while others taste like mint and other refreshing flavors.

Start With Fruit Flavors

You can never go wrong with fruit flavors, as they’re sweet and tasty. Think of your favorite fruit(s) and start from there.

There are also more complicated fruit flavors, like strawberry jam and toast, pina colada, and tropical paradise. But before you try those, you should ensure you like the base fruit flavors first.

Ask Others

Do you have a sibling or friend who has similar tastes as you? Then ask what flavors they prefer when vaping. You can use this as a starting point and explore what works (and what doesn’t).

If you’re going into a vape shop, you can also ask the worker for advice. Chances are, they’re a seasoned vaper who can help guide you to the flavors that’ll tantalize your taste buds.

Otherwise, you can post on online forums to get opinions from larger crowds.

Get a Multi-Flavor Pack

What’s great is there are manufacturers who make multi-flavor packs. It’s fantastic for people who are fickle or aren’t sure about which vape flavors they like.

However, a drawback is if you don’t like some flavors, it’ll be a waste of money if you don’t vape or sell them. So look over the flavors in the packs carefully before you purchase; make sure they’re ones you’re likely to crave.

If you’re still not sure which flavors you want to buy, you can always order a disposable pod kit, like this one. It doesn’t cost much, and you’ll essentially get to sample vape juices before fully committing.

Pick the Perfect Vape Flavor

The perfect vape flavor is different for everyone, so it’s really up to you to seek it out.

And just because you’re in love with a flavor today doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll still crave it next week. So it’ll be worth your time to explore your options and have several available in your lineup. That way, you’ll have vape flavors for every mood!

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