How much does it cost to stud a Kentucky Derby Horse

How much does it cost to stud a Kentucky Derby Horse

The horse racing industry is a complex organization where there are a lot of processes to pay attention to. Even though races last for a couple of minutes, the entire process of breeding, and preparing a horse for a big race is difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

It all begins with the horse. Purchasing a horse from the right bloodline and countless achievements behind its name can go up to multiple millions of dollars, especially if the horse has won a race like the Kentucky Derby.

The odds of owning a horse that participates in the Kentucky Derby are pretty small, and winning one is an ultimate achievement on its own. All horses in the Kentucky Derby are 3-year-olds, meaning that each horse has once in a lifetime chance to participate in this big event, as you can confirm if you visit

However, despite the large prize purses on the Kentucky Derby, the real profit for the horse owners comes in the breeding process where they charge stud fees.

This got us wondering, how much does it actually cost to stud a Kentucky Derby horse?

Let’s find out.

Stud Fees for a Kentucky Derby Horse

There isn’t a pre-defined formula that calculates the stud fees of a Kentucky Derby horse just because it is tied to many factors. First of all, the price of the stud fee heavily depends on the strength of the stallion’s bloodline. If the horse has strong bloodlines and some previous champions, the stud cost will increase.

Additionally, the stud fees are also tied to the horse’s accomplishments. If the horse has won many prestigious races and has an impeccable racing record, the stud cost will skyrocket.

With that said, the stud fees for a horse that has raced in the Kentucky Derby can range anywhere from $10,000 to $200,000 and sometimes even more.

The stud fees and the breeding process is where horse owners make the most money. This is the true value of the horse as it can bring millions of dollars to the owners.

The stud fees are also subject to change due to certain situations. For example, the stud fees for Into Mischief the winner of the 146th Kentucky Derby started at $170,000 but were increased to $225,000 due to the high demand.

On the other hand, the stud fees for the undefeated Triple Crown winner, Justify, started at $150,000 but were lowered to $125,000 a year later.

These were all champion horses that had impressive bloodlines and achieved great success in the horse racing world. However, if you want to get a horse from not so popular name, the stud fees will significantly drop.

For example, the stud fees for the Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner in 2008, Big Brown were only $65,000 which sounds like a great deal. Also, the Stud fees for Flower Alley who won the Kentucky Derby in 2012 were only $20,000.

It is really important to understand that there are no guarantees in the breeding process. This means that even if you pay a lot of money for a horse with impeccable bloodline and racing success, you won’t be guaranteed that the horse you’ll get will have the same potential.

However, once you get a horse, the cost will start to increase as that horse needs to be developed into a racing machine. The horse is weaned around 5 months old, and you’ll incur around $1,500 per month to develop the horse. This cost will significantly increase as the horse matures going up to $3,000 per month.

This doesn’t include transportation, entry fees, and other costs, which for a racehorse can escalate to around $150,000 per month if you want it to compete at the highest level.

So, the stud fee is just the starting cost that will allow you to enter the world of horse racing. It is really important that you calculate your cost before entering the world of horse racing, considering the stud fees are only the beginning of your financial problems.

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