How Much Does It Cost to Replace Patio Doors?

The cost of replacing a patio door can vary depending on various factors. Read on to discover the cost of patio door replacement here.

Are you going to replace like with like, or are you considering something different? Is the size of your doorway, a standard size, or is it enlarged? What is the location of your patio doors within the overall property?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself. Numerous other factors will significantly impact the final cost of patio door replacement. As a general rule, patio doors are not cheap but they do offer excellent value.

The style and design you choose will affect the feel of your home and the indoor space that they lead to. Patio doors are wonderful for bringing into the home light and a sense of natural space. In this article, we’re going to help you understand the key factors that will affect the cost. 

Get to Measuring

The first thing you need to do is get out your tape measure and start to work out the door and frame dimensions. Thankfully, most homes are fitted to a standard size. This makes the production of patio doors more cost-effective.

It also means that when it comes time to replace your doors, the process should be fairly simple. That said, there are always exceptions. The standard size of typical sliding patio doors is 80 inches in height with a length between 60 and 72 inches. 

The average cost of replacing patio doors will be closer to what you can expect to pay assuming you have the average dimensions. Bigger doorways and custom products will of course cost you more.

Patio Door Style Options

Just because you have sliding patio doors, it doesn’t automatically mean you have to replace like for like. Hinged patio doors are very popular, especially on smaller door frames. Other styles that you may consider are French doors or even bi-folding doors.

The latter collapse into each other a bit like an accordion. This style creates the greatest open space but it is also the most intricate and tends to be more expensive than other designs. Overall though, the different styles of the various doors will still offer a wide range of price points giving you lots of choices to match your budget. 

Frame Materials 

You can expect to pay anywhere from several hundred dollars up to several thousand. A major factor in price relates to the material of the frame. Materials like uPVC tend to be towards the cheaper end of the spectrum while aluminum frames tend to be towards the most expensive end.

These are not the only options. Wood is a very attractive option but this too can be quite expensive depending on the quality of the wood and its weather durability. Some styles of patio doors seem to suit wood more than manmade materials but your final decision will also depend on other factors like whether it is an external or internal door. 

Even though wood is a very attractive material, you’ll need to keep in mind that this is a natural material and will need more care and maintenance than plastics and metals. You might want to factor that into your overall costs.

Glass Considerations

Another factor that will affect the price is the type of glass used in the door. Standard glass is great but you may want additional features like tinted glass or even reinforced glass. Strengthened glass is definitely a good idea if you have pets in the house or young children.

Some types of glass doors are super reinforced and strengthened to resist storms and hurricane-force winds. The more specialized the glass, the more expensive it will cost. Depending on the glass you want, the price can double or even triple. 

Security Options

When thinking through the various patio door options, materials, glass, and design, perhaps the last thing that comes to mind is the lock. Depending on the perceived vulnerability of the doors, it is worth considering additional expense for more secure and sophisticated locking mechanisms. 

You might want to consider additional strengthening telescoping security bars, foot locks, and deadbolts. These additional security measures will bump up the price. You are wise to weigh those additional costs against the increased peace of mind.

Professional Installation

In order to cut your costs, you may think that tackling the installation of patio doors yourself is a good idea. If you have experience, then great you’ll save some money, but otherwise, it is a much better idea to employ professionals. 

The whole job may take several hours and you can expect to pay costs of around $100 per hour. If you use certified master installers, then you can have the peace of mind that the installation has been done correctly, to specification, and an international standard.

Check out an example on the internet of a potential provider. Whoever you use, make sure you research their website thoroughly and spend time reading the reviews of previous customers. 

Cost of Patio Door Replacement — Last Tip 

In this article, you’ve read about the cost of patio door replacement. Several key factors affect costs such as the material type, glass design, overall size, installation, and security features. 

Even though all these factors contribute to a range of costs, the good news is that the marketplace is very competitive and no matter what style you want, you’ll always find budget options that will suit you. Make sure you do your research and get several quotes. You can check out other great home and lifestyle tips here on our site.

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