How Much Does It Cost To Install an ADU

Are you wondering how much an ADU costs? Here's a quick guide on everything you need to know about ADU installation costs.

Are you looking to make some extra money? How about having your separate rental property?

You can achieve both things by building an ADU or accessory dwelling unit.

It’s like building your own on-site guest house. It could be used for extra income, an in-law suite, or something you can use when it’s not rented out.

One of the best things about ADUs is that they provide a great opportunity to add value to your home without leaving the area. This guide will show you how much an ADU costs.

The Cost of ADU Construction

The cost of ADU construction can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, constructing most ADUs will cost between twenty to one hundred fifty thousand dollars.

Most of this cost is typically incurred through labor and materials. Therefore, if you are considering installing an ADU, it is important to factor in the cost of both labor and materials when budgeting for your project.

The ADU Application Process

The application process for an ADU can be found on the Planning and Development Department website.

The first step is to submit a pre-application, which is reviewed by department staff. The next step is to schedule and attend a project scoping meeting, where the applicant will be asked to present their project proposal.

After the scoping meeting, the applicant must submit a formal application, which the department will review. Once the application is complete, the department will issue a decision.

The Various Types of ADUs

Generally speaking, the three most common types of ADUs are detached Units (DUs), attached Units (AUs), and garage conversions (GCs).

The cost to build a basic DU from scratch can start as low as twenty thousand dollars, but the average price is closer to seventy to eighty thousand dollars. AUs are generally less expensive to construct, with an average cost of around fifty thousand dollars.

Finally, GCs are typically the most affordable option, costing an average of ten to twenty thousand dollars. However, it should be noted that the installation cost is just one factor to consider when deciding whether or not to build an ADU.

Other important considerations include zoning regulations, building permit requirements, and the potential impact on your property value.

How to Save Money on Your ADU

The most crucial factor in saving money on your ADU is carefully planning and researching your options. There are many ways to cut costs on an ADU, such as using recycled materials, choosing a smaller unit, or doing some of the work yourself.

With careful planning and research, you can save thousands of dollars on your ADU without sacrificing quality or comfort.

How to Finance Your ADU

There are many ways to finance your ADU, and here are some ways to do it; take out a loan, use savings, or get a grant.

Many grants are available to help offset the cost of installing an ADU. You can also use energy-efficient grants to help offset the cost of installing an ADU.

Breaking Down ADU Costs 

Adding an ADU to your property can be a great way to create additional living space or generate rental income. However, there are several ADU costs to consider before starting your project, including the cost of materials, permits, and labor.

When budgeting for your ADU, be sure to do your research or consult a professional to get an accurate cost.

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