How Much Does a Home Theater Cost? The Complete Guide

There are many reasons for installing a theater room in your house, but how much does a home theater cost? Our guide here has you covered.

Do you go to the cinema and think I should make this at home? Do you love the idea but have no idea about the cost?

As of May 2020, 70% of people said they would rather watch movies at home than go to the cinema. Join in with this statistic with a home theater of your own. Make your home theater into the ‘Go To’ spot among your friends and family.

There are many reasons for installing your theatre room. But how much does a home theater cost? Our guide here has you covered.

How Much Room Do You Have?

Before you even begin to look at pricing, you will need to work out the cinema’s location in your house. The place you choose can impact the overall price of your cinema.

Is it going in a large or a small room? There is no point in buying the most extensive products you can find if the cinema is going into a smaller sized room.

Does the room need any changes made before you can start? If you are looking to soundproof the room, that will cost on average between $1000 – $2500.

Are You Converting the Entire Room?

If you want to make, your cinema room look the best it can be. You may wish to convert the entire room to give it the look of a cinema completely.

The cost to do this all depends on what sized room you chose. Is it a small room, or are you even thinking about building an entirely new room from scratch?

Pricing from bedroom conversion to building a brand new home theatre room, average between $20,000 – $90,000.

Let’s Shine a Light on This Option

The lighting could be an optional home theater cost. It all depends on your end goal image.

Suppose you have put your home cinema into your living room. You won’t need to worry about the lighting as I’m sure you already have lights in that room.

There are many options for cinema lighting. They can go everywhere; floors, walls, ceilings, and even chairs. The lighting all depends on you.

How Many People Do You Wish to Join You?

Having a cinema solely for yourself is perfectly ok. But if you wish to invite friends over to watch a film, you will need to consider where they will sit.

Home cinema seating can be a simple sofa if you wish. If you want to make the most out of your home theater options, you may want to look into proper cinema seating.

Putting actual cinema seats into your home theatre room can cost you between $300 – $5000 per chair.


The Most Important Home Theater Cost.

The leading investment on any cinema screen, be it in public or at home, has to be the hardware used. Which would include the surround sound system and the video system.

The size of the room will impact the surround sound system. If you are installing it into a larger space then you will need more speakers to fill it. Sound systems can range from $800 – $4000 at a basic level.

Let’s say you are planning to use a screen and projector for your film. Combining the price of these could see you in at between $300 – $5000.

Calling in a professional to install your choices is essential. You don’t want to pay out for all this technology, fand then have it break due to shoddy installation. Getting it installed could range from anywhere between $200 – $2000. 

Make the Film Stand Out

Nowadays, you can buy most movies in 3D. Which adds yet another option you could add to your home theatre prices.

To buy a 3d ready projector can find you in the ballpark of $500 – $3000 at a basic level.

On top of that, you will need to buy glasses to go with them. The glasses pricing ranges on the quality you wish to view the movie. The glasses range from $10 for your basic to $800 and over for your truly high-end pairs.

Added Extra’s

Your home theater room should be looking fabulous. Why not add those extra little touches to make it perfect?

Suppose you want to make your home theatre better than the rest. Offer your friends a good home theater experience with sweets and treats.

Make them some popcorn by adding a popcorn maker. These can range from $100 – $1000.

Everybody loves hotdogs. Hotdog machines can range from $200 – £700.
You cant allow your friends to sit through a whole movie without a drink.

Soda dispensers can range from $1600 – $3400.

Fancy sharing a plate of nachos with a friend. Adding a nacho machine can range from $300 – $1600.

Insure Your Home Theatre Room

There may not be a set price for this; it all depends on who you go through with insurance. But it definitely deserves mention.

You have just paid out all this money to create your perfect home theatre room. Why would you want to risk not insuring it?

This addition to the list isn’t necessary. It’s more an attempt to stop you from having to pay this entire list again should something happen.

Bringing It Home

So how much is a home theater? Depending on if you are choosing the basic level home theatre or going all out. You are looking to pay between £13,000 and a whopping $119,000. Now you can understand why I mentioned insurance.

Now you have an idea of home theater cost, all you have left is to venture into the design for home theater layouts. Grab some popcorn, sweets, and drinks. Invite your friends over and put on a movie in style.

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