How Can You Help Someone Living With Dementia?

If someone you know is living with dementia, there are several ways you can help. Check out this guide for our greatest tips.

Elderly people (65+) in the United States number approximately 54M. As more time passes, more and more elderly people suffer from dementia. Dementia, a major medical condition, can be predicted to increase in the United States.

Types of dementia are loss of awareness, memory problems, and behavior changes. It also alters functioning abilities and causes interpersonal communication issues.

Instead of feeling helpless in front of dementia, we will teach you how to help. There are many small things you can do to make a person with dementia feel better!

Read our guide to help someone living with dementia.

Maintain a Strong Connection

This can start as simple as a friendly visit to remind them that you care about them and want to stay connected. If possible, you might want to consider getting involved in their daily routine.

Speak using simple words and sentences. Asking open-ended questions can encourage them to tell stories and reminisce. Maintain eye contact and listen to the answers they provide.

Enjoy the moment and create an atmosphere as if you were talking with a familiar friend. Click for more about long-term care services, and we will help you stay engaged and connected with them. 

Keep the House Free of Hazards

Keep their home safe by reducing clutter and tripping hazards. Ensure cords, books, and other small objects are not on the floor. Additionally, always keeping the floor dry and free of spills will prevent falls.

Ensure the person has plenty of light in the house and uses nightlights in the hallways. Installing handrails and grab bars in the shower and on steps can also reduce the risk of falling. We should also try to have familiar furniture so that the person will have a sense of familiarity.

Lastly, help them create checklists to remind themselves of things they need to do. These all will help reduce the risk of harm and keep the home of the person with dementia free of hazards.

Encourage Physical Activity

It is also beneficial to go with them on activities, making it a shared experience that helps with physical health and mental well-being. Exercise can be done in many ways, such as walking, swimming, or a gentle cycle ride.

It can also be something as simple as stretching at home. The activity should be based on what the person living with dementia enjoys. Doing activities together in a group can also be beneficial.

It helps to promote social connection which the person living with dementia. Encouraging physical activity in those living with dementia is an important step in well-being.

Know How to Help Someone Living With Dementia

Those afflicted must be provided with ample support. We should do our best to maintain a strong connection and keep the house free of hazards. Also, encouraging physical activity is very important.

Together, we can provide the support that those with dementia need. Your help will go a long way in helping them find a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Call, text, or email a loved one living with dementia today to show them you care!

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