How a Hot Summer Can Damage Your Garden

How a Hot Summer Can Damage Your Garden

You might not bat an eyelid when the sun’s powerful rays beat down on your garden. If anything, your first instinct during summer might be to fire up a BBQ, soak up the sun, or enjoy a relaxing coffee outdoors.

Despite brightening up your exterior, the hot season can wreak havoc with your lawn, plants, and outdoor furniture. Keep reading to learn how a hot summer can damage your garden and identify the best solutions available.

A Dull, Patchy, and Unattractive Lawn

Every homeowner wants to look out at a beautiful green lawn throughout the seasons. Unless you run a dependable sprinkler system every day and night, your garden might succumb to summer stress.

If your grass looks more brown than vibrant green, appears patchy in places, or looks unloved, transform its health and appearance by hiring reliable lawn overseeding services. With expert help and golf-course grade feed, you can thicken your thin lawn, repair turf damage caused by a hot summer and insects and improve its visual appeal.

Moisture Problems

Heat stress and soil erosion are common summer problems that can cause many issues for plants, as the dry environment might become vulnerable to disease or pests. If you want your gorgeous plants to not only survive but thrive throughout the seasons, consider planting perennials in your garden. As they tend to have a deep root structure, the plants are more likely to find more moisture underground, which will make it easier for them to survive a hot summer.


You might feel tempted to soak your plants in water to help them survive extreme heat during summer, but you must avoid overwatering your plants. If you feed them too much water, you run the risk of drowning your plants, as the soil will not have enough air pockets for oxygen, which will affect root development and cause plants to wilt.

Wildlife Issues

If you want a garden that makes you feel closer to nature, you will need to create a more welcoming environment for various wildlife. Summer can make life difficult for birds, amphibians, and insects, as extreme heat can cause water bowls, bird baths, and other water sources to dry up on hot, dry days. For this reason, you must regularly top up the bowls, baths, and fountains with clean water to ensure they have plenty to drink throughout the season.

Damaged Outdoor Furniture

Don’t make the mistake of keeping your outdoor furniture uncovered throughout the seasons. The sun’s strong ultraviolet rays will slowly damage its appearance and function, as it will wear away at its gloss and sheen. Over time, the surface damage may lead to structural weaknesses, which will make the furniture unsuitable for use. Add a cover over your outdoor tables, chairs, and sun loungers, or place them in a shed during summer to protect them from the powerful UV rays. You can trust it will help your attractive outdoor furniture stand the test of time.

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