Holiday Lights for Every Season

Want to use holiday lights for different seasons all year long? Check out some of these basic tips to learn about your options.

If you think outdoor holiday lights are just for Christmas, think again. We’ve rounded up some fun and magical ways to use holiday lights for any occasion. From engagement parties to backyard BBQs, these ideas below will elevate any party.

A holiday light show at a baby shower? Think of all your guests and the parents to be anxiously awaiting your home light up in blue or pink. Read on for more whimsical ideas.

Birthday Parties

A birthday party is a great reason to get out the Christmas lights. If you’re short on time, having them professionally delivered and installed by Clear N’ Bright Windows makes things even easier. Depending on your theme, you can use holiday lights in any color.

For a unicorn birthday party, go with multicolored rainbow lights. String lights in a single color using all colors of the rainbow. For a construction theme, think yellow or orange.

Adult birthdays would look beautiful with a little extra twinkle. Rope your trees, fence line, and home with glittering lights to elevate any birthday party.

Baby Showers

A baby shower is a time of whimsy and magic. If you’re hosting a shower at home, take the opportunity to light up your home and make it special. You have several color and style options to match any shower theme.

You can use pink, blue, white, or yellow to make the day something the parents to be will always remember. These are also great for a gender reveal.

Have all your guests come outside for the big surprise. When you’re ready, turn on the lights to make the house blue for a boy and pink for a girl.

Tea Parties

Tea parties are one of the coolest events for a little girl. Not only do they get to dress up but they also get to use a real tea set and enjoy treats with their family and friends. Holiday lights can add an even more magical touch.

Wrap your trees and under a pergola or patio with holiday lights. The adorable tea party display will look even more special with glittering holiday lights.

Tea parties are a fun theme for a birthday party, wedding shower, baby shower, or just because. Add some glam and whimsy to this precious little party.

Backyard BBQs

A backyard BBQ becomes even more magical with holiday lights. Think of your backyard as a cool BBQ restaurant. Hiring a professional lighting company will bring your vision to life.

Create a cool patio for entertaining by wrapping your home, a pergola, or deck.

Use tablecloths, candles, and lighting to set the mood. Fun drinks and delicious BBQ will make an engagement party, birthday party, graduation, anniversary, or family get-together even more special.

Winter Wonderland

While you may think you need to take down your holiday decorations after Christmas, think again. Winter isn’t just in December. Make your home a winter wonderland all year round.

Using professional lighting on your home and in your backyard will extend the winder fun. Have kids in your yard for a winter backyard campfire, for example. Make hot chocolate, roast marshmallows, and cozy up with blankets.

Outdoor Holiday Light for Any Occasion

Holiday lights aren’t just for Christmas. Holiday lighting installation makes a birthday party, backyard wedding, shower, or family BBQ even more special.

Add some magic and whimsy to your home for any occasion with outdoor holiday lights. For more ideas and inspiration check out the home section.

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