Getting Married? 4 Things It’s Worth Spending Good Money On

Getting Married? 4 Things It's Worth Spending Good Money On

When it comes to weddings, everyone has their own idea of what’s important. Some people think that the most important thing is the wedding dress, while others believe that the reception is key. But there are a few things that are universally considered worth putting your hands into your pockets and spending good money on, no matter what your priorities may be. Here are four of them.

The Photographer

No doubt you want to ensure that all the best moments of your special day are captured in stunning images that you can look back on and cherish for years to come. Therefore, making sure that you hire a good professional photographer should be a priority. A good photographer will not only take beautiful photos, but they can offer valuable insights about the best times for pictures and moments throughout the day. Whether you prefer posed photos, candid shots, or a combination of both, the photographer will work with you to capture your special day and all its magical moments.

You may have someone in mind, perhaps the person you had engagement photos taken with, in which case, you will already have built a good rapport with them, and they will know the style of photos you like, which will really help. If you don’t know where to start, however, the first thing you should do is determine your desired style and aesthetic. Once you have done this, you can look online at various photographer’s websites (if you are in Portland, you could take a look at Chris Brodell during your search), arrange a consultation with a few you like the look of, and then decide between the two of you who you would like to hire.

The Venue

The venue sets the tone for the entire event and can make or break your special day, so it’s really important that you get this right. Take a look at all your options, and consider both outdoor and indoor options.

An outdoor space offers several advantages over traditional indoor venues, including increased flexibility when it comes to the decorations and set-up, as well as the potential for a more unique and memorable experience. For example, you could use natural elements such as flowers, trees and foliage to create a beautiful landscape that will be sure to impress.

That being said, you can’t control the weather so, if you live somewhere where this could be an issue, an indoor venue might be a safer bet. Indoor venues give couples more control over the environment and offer a more consistent aesthetic. For instance, you can easily coordinate your furniture, lighting and decorations to create a cohesive look that fits the theme or color scheme of the wedding, if you are going to have one.

The Catering

Once the ceremony is done and dusted, all eyes will turn to the reception, and there are a couple of elements of this that people will be most looking forward to. Catering is one of them. After all, the food will be the highlight of your reception and your guests will remember it long after the night is over. So, make sure you invest in a caterer that can provide delicious, quality food that will impress your guests and leave them raving about their experience long after the night is over.

There are a variety of options when it comes to wedding catering, from a sit-down meal, to a buffet-style selection, to options reminiscent of a street food or food truck experience. Whichever you go for, there are a few critical aspects that you should consider. Start by looking into the caterer’s experience and reputation; ask around and make sure they have good references from other couples who have had successful events in the past. You should also make sure to ask if they are able to cater to different dietary requirements so that you can be sure all your guests will be accommodated.

The Entertainment

Another vital part of the reception that you need to make sure you get spot on is the entertainment, as you will want to make sure that your guests have a good time once the evening really gets going.

Live music is often a great choice for providing entertainment at a wedding reception, as it gives you the opportunity to bring in talented musicians who will be able to customize their performance around the sort of music that you like, making sure to throw in a few crowd-pleasers along the way. If you want to go down the route of hiring a DJ, you should make sure you go with someone who has plenty of experience in the wedding industry. A good DJ will be able to read the crowd and understand what kind of music they respond well to, and be sure to keep feeding that in throughout the night to keep your guests on the dance floor all night long.

Keep in mind though that good musicians and DJs are often very booked up so, if you know who you would like to hire for your wedding, do not hesitate to get them on board as soon as possible so that you can be sure that you have nailed this part of your special day.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to your wedding, the four things we have covered above are just a few of the things where spending money will help your wedding day go from simply good to truly unforgettable. Planning and organizing a wedding can be stressful, but it’s worth it in the end for a magical day where you and your partner will make the ultimate commitment to each other.

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