Furnace maintenance tips for winter

Furnace maintenance tips for winter

The most important component of your home during the winter is a good, working furnace system, especially in colder areas like Granby. To survive the harsh winters, ensuring that your heating system is in good working order is crucial. This will provide the warmth and comfort needed.

Hence having a working heat system has become a need. Below are a few tips to keep your furnace in good working order for the winter:

Regular inspection

Furnace manufacturers recommend that furnaces be inspected on a yearly basis. Inspecting your heating system will help you to identify areas that require repairs or replacement early on.

This includes inspecting your gas furnaces, as well as the security and stability of your pipe vents and drainage tubes. The worst thing that could happen during winter is not having a working heating system. Being stranded at times like that is no fun, especially with the cold threatening to freeze everything in its path.

Regular maintenance

Regular inspection is vital for detecting flaws, but it is also crucial for correcting them early on. This includes clearing debris and accumulated dirt from vents and filters that could obstruct proper ventilation. This will ensure that your vent is clean and has sufficient airflow.

Furthermore, changing your air filter at least every two months is a cost-effective way to improve air quality.

Replace the old furnace

A vent’s total lifespan is estimated at no more than 30 years. While most furnaces may still work at that age, experts recommend replacing vents up to 30 years old.

 Also, as technology advances, newer models of heating systems are produced, so keeping an old vent would not be cost-effective.

Keep the furnace clean

This entails thoroughly cleaning all of your furnace’s components, including the belts, pulley, and blower system. Check for accumulated clouds of dust and dirt on the furnace ducts as well. This is necessary to ensure that dust and dirt that should be removed are not blown back into the house.

Inspect your thermostat

The thermostat is unarguably the most essential part of your home heating system, as it regulates, monitors, and controls the temperature within your home. This is why regular inspection and maintenance of the furnace thermostat are crucial, as a faulty thermostat will cause overheating and severe damage to the heating system.

Removing and replacing the thermostat at most every ten years is recommended to ensure a properly working heating system.

Employ the services of professionals

While attempting to repair or maintain your furnace is often cost-effective, it is not always advisable. This is because the repair process may cause more harm than good.

As a result, contact a professional to inspect, clean, and perform any necessary furnace repairs.


Heating systems are both vital and can save your life during the perilous winter. You need to prepare ahead of time to reduce the risks of the systems breaking down. Heating systems are also notorious for raising electricity bills, so regular and proper furnace maintenance in Granby is required to cut costs.

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