Fresh Kicks: How to Buy Sneakers Online

How to Buy the Best Sneakers Online

Did you know that over 45% of online consumers shop on their phones? Mobile eCommerce is becoming the norm, not a gimmick. This grew even more due to the global pandemic and the increasing ease of mobile Internet access.

This also means you can shop for things at any time, anywhere

However, some items are a little more complicated to buy when you can’t physically touch and check them first. Buying sneakers online is a good example. How can you find the best sneakers if you can’t try them on?

Don’t fret, we have several tips below to help guarantee you buy nothing but the best. Continue reading our guide to learn everything you need when it comes to buying sneakers online:

Know Your Shoe Size

Before you purchase sneakers, the first thing you need to know is your shoe size. The problem is there is no universal measurement system, even within the same countries. One pair of US men’s 9 1/2 sneakers might fit you but another pair, with the same size, might feel a little too tight.

The best way is to first know your “true size.” This is to take actual measurements of your feet and then identify your standard shoe size. 

Measuring your feet should include two numbers. Start with the length (in inches and centimeters) from your toes to the back of your heel. The other measurement is the width from the two widest points of your foot. 

Check the Different Charts

Got your true shoe sizes? Now you need to know where it falls under different size charts. The three main shoe sizes to consider are US shoe sizes, UK shoe sizes, and European shoe sizes.

You may also want to look at the charts for Australian, Japanese, and Canadian shoe sizes. A lot of stores sell imported sneakers from those locations so it’s important to know your size using those charts too.

Not every size chart uses inches. This is why you need to also measure your feet in centimeters, which you can easily convert to millimeters when required. This ensures you can easily spot your shoe size regardless of the measuring system used by the chart.

Compare to Shoes You Own

Do you wear a men’s size 9? Check the brand. Now try a size 9 from a different brand.

The second shoe might not fit right. It might be a little tight or feel a little loose. This is because shoe sizes aren’t universal.

You’ll find differences from one brand to another. This is because shoe brands don’t strictly follow the true shoe size measurement. They have to make adjustments based on the materials they use for each shoe’s interiors, exteriors, and more. 

It’s safer to compare sizes from shoes you already own. Planning to buy a new pair of Nike Lebron shoes, for example? Take the previous pair of Nike shoes you have and use that as a basis for your shoe size for all Nike sneakers.

Buy Sneakers From Reputable Brands

Shopping for sneakers online isn’t solely about getting the right fit. You also need to practice caution to make sure you get the best sneakers and for the right price. 

When it comes to shoes, it’s always a safer bet to purchase from known brands. This guarantees you’ll get high-quality shoes. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma have been around for decades because they always provide beautiful and durable sneakers. 

Buying from a brand you don’t know is a gamble. Sure, you could end up with a decent pair of sneakers. There is also the possibility you’ll end up with a flimsy pair that could break down after a little wear and tear. 

Sneaker Websites You Trust

Never purchase sneakers from a shop you don’t know or can’t trust. 

Most of the reputable sneaker shops will appear on the first page of Google search results. Pages only get to to the top if they see a lot of traffic, after all. Top results are also the most credible and relevant to your search query.

The shop should also feature an SSL certificate. You can identify this with the padlock symbol next to the URL at the address bar. Without an SSL certificate, you risk hackers stealing your credit card information and more whenever you answer the fillable form fields.

Bought sneakers from a shop before? If you got your shoes on time and know you got a good pair, it’s safe to purchase from them again.

Always Read Shoe Reviews

Take your time when shopping for sneakers online to read reviews. Don’t worry, you can trust online customer reviews. These are genuine testimonials from previous customers, giving you better insight regarding the sneakers you’re buying. 

Prioritize reviews that have photos or videos. You’ll be able to see for yourself if the shoes meet your standards. Look for details from the customers too, especially in terms of the shoe size and durability. 

Remember to read about customer service too. If a customer had to return a pair, did they have to go through a long, tedious process to do so? Were there hidden charges or did the sneaker sellers shoulder the costs?

Stick With Your Budget

Choose sneakers that fit your budget. It’s not worth breaking the bank for a pair of sneakers. If there’s a pair a little outside your budget, postpone your purchase until you can save a little more. 

This ensures you can get the pair you want without affecting your everyday spending needs.

Set a soft limit and a hard limit. A soft limit is the general price range you feel comfortable spending. Hard limits refer to the absolute highest amount you can spend on sneakers.

Buy the Best Sneakers Online

Now you know how to find and purchase the best sneakers online! Know your shoe size, purchase known branded shoes from known stores, and always read reviews. Make it a point to stick to your budget too.

Did you find our shoe-buying guide informative and useful? If you’re looking for more shopping and lifestyle tips and tricks, feel free to keep on reading. We’ve got more posts for you to check out today!

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