Expert Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen-

Expert Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen-

Spring is that time of the year nature blooms with all the beauty it lost in the winter.

But guess what time it is for you? The perfect time to spring cleans your kitchen. Since it’s where you create delicious meals, you’ll most likely only clean the parts you use.

That’s not bad, but this only means parts of your kitchen might be unkempt and clouded with dust- cobwebs too. I bet the kitchen is starting to look and feel stuffy. In that case, it’s time to spring clean your kitchen.

Truthfully, spring cleaning your kitchen can be overwhelming. Don’t worry; we’ll remove that overwhelm with our expert tips from cleaning services Manchester for spring cleaning your kitchen. Let’s get into these tips.

First things First

Start with the window. The kitchen will get stuffy and dusty as soon as you start cleaning. Leaving the windows open for cross ventilation is a good idea. In the meantime, please remove the window cover. If you can, prep it to go into the dry cleaner later.

Start from the Top

Tackle the kitchen range hood and the fan- if there’s one. If you use an air conditioner, now is an excellent time to clean it. While you’re at it, check for cobwebs on the ceiling and get rid of them. Starting from the top allows the dust to settle on the counter, etc. That way, you won’t have to clean these other parts twice.

Cabinets and Drawers

Proceed to clean the cabinets and the drawers. Take out everything that’s in them. Also, dispose of broken containers and other equipment you know you won’t need again.

Then, rearrange the cabinets and drawers. It’s a great time to clean the pantry too. When rearranging the cabinets, put the necessary, everyday items close by. That way, you won’t scatter the cabinet arrangement.

The Dishwasher needs washing.

If there are dirty dishes in the Dishwasher, wash them. Then, clean the Dishwasher too. Thoroughly wash it inside and out.

Get to the Cooking Appliances.

I meant your oven, microwave, stovetops, counter appliances, toaster, etc. Now is the right time to wash them thoroughly. You’d want to use detergents to eliminate the irritating stain stuck on the appliance for a while now. Don’t leave out the kettle.

Clean through the refrigerator

Cleaning out the refrigerator is more than wiping the body till it sparkles. You’ll have to clear the fridge. Throw out expired foods, leftovers you won’t be needing anymore, etc.

And now, the countertops.

A blend of bleach and water should make the countertop sparkle. You’ll only need a damp cloth, dish soap and water to get a clean counter.

The Sinks, Drains, and Taps

After cleaning the countertops, opt for the sinks, drains, and taps. They deserve a little sparkle too.

The Wall Tiles, doorknob, floor, and the window.

Wall tiles would have accumulated stains and steam from months of cooking. Now, it’s time to clean them. Also, disinfect the window, the doorknob, and the floor.

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