Essential things you should know regarding bear spray

Essential things you should know regarding bear spray

Running into a bear in the wild can be a terrifying experience. These are huge, enormous beings with a bite force of 957 PSI and weighing between 300 to 900 pounds. And when you enter a bear country while camping, hiking, or running a trail, observing good bear practices and taking the fullest precaution is the only way to stay safe.

You can also consider using a Fence Fast bear spray or one sold by similar companies. Although it won’t guarantee 100% results, it is the best deterrent against a creature as unpredictable and enormous as the bear. You should also ensure that you always have the spray can at easy reach; it will be useless if buried deep within your bag.

What is the purpose of bear spray, and what does it contain? Some tips on how to use one are provided in this article.

What is bear spray?

It is a kind of pepper spray specifically designed to deter aggressive bears. It releases a cloud of capsaicin, the active ingredient in pepper spray, irritates the bear’s eyes, nose, and throat, causing temporary blindness and difficulty breathing.

It is a non-lethal alternative to firearms and is commonly used by hikers, hunters, and campers for self-defence against bear attacks. It has a longer range than traditional pepper spray and is effective even in windy conditions. However, it’s crucial to use bear spray properly, store it correctly, and know when and how to use it to maximize its effectiveness.

What ingredients does it contain?

It contains a mixture of capsaicin, the ingredient in chilli peppers that causes a burning sensation, and other ingredients such as oleoresin capsicum, propylene glycol, and saline solution.

The spray creates a cloud of irritating and incapacitating mist that can stop an attacking bear and give the user time to escape. Bear sprays typically range from 15 to 30 feet and are available in various sizes and formulations. You should follow the manufacturer’s spray guidelines to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety.

How to use bear spray?

Using bear spray effectively requires some preparation and understanding of the product. Here are the steps to using bear spray.

Familiarize yourself with the product: Read the instructions and practice using the spray to ensure you know how to activate it properly.

Know when to use it: Bear sprays should only be used in an aggressive bear encounter, not as a preventive measure.

Prepare the spray: Remove the safety clip and hold the canister with the nozzle facing away from you.

Aim: When the bear is close, aim the spray in the direction of the bear’s face and eyes, creating a cloud between you and the bear.

Spray: While standing still, press the trigger to release the spray.

Move away: After spraying, slowly and calmly back away from the bear, keeping the spray in its direction.

Seek help: If the bear continues to approach, use the spray again until the bear leaves the area. Report the encounter to the park service or wildlife management agency.

A Fence Fast bear spray or one from a similar online store will increase your chances of surviving a bear attack. You must learn how to use it properly and store it in a holster to ensure it is accessible at all times. However, as mentioned earlier, observing good bear practice is crucial as it only guarantees partial protection.

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