Cellar Storage: The Top 5 Tips for Basement Organizing

Are you looking for practical, space-saving ideas for your basement organizing needs? Check out our guide for storage tips, ideas, and more.

A lot of us treat our basement like a black hole of storage space. Whenever we want things out of the way, we stash them down in that dark abyss and forget about them completely.

Then, if ever we actually look at what’s down there or, heaven forbid, try to find something, there’s a problem. And by “problem,” we mean a “nightmarish pile of pure chaos.”

Fortunately, you’re about to learn the secrets of taming this beast of a mess with this basement organizing guide. Granted, these tips won’t magically turn the task into a vacation at the beach. But they will help you to successfully get through this unpleasantness one manageable step at a time.

If you need help to (finally) organize your basement, and keep it organized, follow these tips.

1. Rent a Dumpster

While the first step may be the most daunting, it’s also the most liberating. Namely, go through everything in your basement and get rid of most of it.

The easiest way to do this is to rent a dumpster and just start chucking things in there. Start with broken or old appliances that you have better versions of and damaged/moldy boxes. These obvious items get you in the junking mood, which will make it easier to get rid of other items.

If you want, you can also form a donation pile for items that are still in good condition. 

2. Wash Your Basement

Now that your stored items are out of the way, give your basement a good cleaning. Sweep and wash the floors. Clear away any cobwebs and deal with any mold or pest problems you spot.

3. Get Shelves

Now, obtain some sort of storage system that suits the way you wish to use your basement. For example, if you plan to do DIY projects down there, get a workbench. Make sure it has plenty of hooks and compartments for organizing your tools and materials.

If you only wish to use your basement for storage, get shelves. Installing some affordable, plastic shelving is a lot more efficient than stacking 4 boxes on top of each other.

For example, if you need to grab your Christmas decorations, you can simply slide the box off the shelf. This much easier, and safer, than digging it out from beneath 3 other boxes.

4. Repack/Label Boxes

If your boxes are old and tattered, get some nice new boxes and repack. Durable, plastic storage bins are best for keeping stored items nice.

Besides that, each box should have a single category of items in it so you can find what you need with ease. Print labels for each box/bin to identify its category and any important items packed inside.

Use This Guide to Make Basement Organizing Less Horrible

While basement organizing will never be “fun,” it’s at least a heck of a lot easier when you follow the steps above. Keep this guide handy and follow these steps to tackle this monster task once and for all.

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