Best small beach towns in the U.S

Best small beach towns in the U.S

Being in a place where you can see the vast waters of the oceans and the sands on the shores that you can play in and maybe take a quick swim is therapeutic. I bet this is why we always look forward to the next time we will be visiting the coasts or maybe opt to live there in the ambiance of the beach. Sometimes we do not prefer a lot of bustles from traffic and congestion and that’s why we can opt for small beach towns where we can enjoy the peaceful environment listening to the musical sound of waves. In the U.S there are several destinations that one can choose from if one wants to visit Garden City SC homes for sale or the small beach towns.

Watch Hills from the Beaches

This is a scenic view to catch and is appealing to the eye. People don’t like being surrounded by masses, when they are out for vacation, those will be best suited here with the low population that is usually in hilly beach areas. The population numbers are less than five hundred persons. Riding the carousel which is a flying horse carousel is the best activity one can take part in Watch Hill. This beach get away is quite expensive but if one can afford it then why hesitate? You will get to have nice food and buildings with architecture that dates way back to the 19th century. You can have your home there.

White Sandy Beaches

Many choose white sandy beaches to avoid getting dirty and have a chance to enjoy the ocean waters. The beaches attract loads of local and international tourists especially if there are islands in the ocean waters where tourists can enjoy boat rides and have a stop on the waters as they enjoy looking at marine life.

Beaches in the Cooler Areas

These beaches attract a very low population making them ideal, for people who have to deal with very few crowds when visiting. Despite the small population, you will have many beach destinations to choose from. You will have a chance to enjoy much cooler waters as compared to other destinations in the world. Apart from the very nice beaches and the shore, you will be graced with an opportunity to see nature including National and State Parks including the Reading Rock State Marine reserve.

Garden City Beaches

Garden city beaches have a relatively higher population compared to other destinations but all in all you are not supposed to be worried about congestion. These destinations are revered for their ambient environment. Many people come to these destinations for the assorted water sports, the nice food as well as the realty vacation homes, and purchase homes like Garden City SC homes for sale and rentals.


Going out to the beach as a family or with friends is very fun. But mostly, we go to crowded places and lack the time to focus on ourselves due to crowds and traffic. This is why small beach towns should be listed in your to-do lists.

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