Bedroom Decor Pieces For A Classic Euro Style

Bedroom Decor Pieces For A Classic Euro Style

European classic is a very stylish and traditional décor style, relying on design cues that have lasted for thousands of years, rising to prominence in ancient Rome and Greece, but have been central to design for many people in Europe and is still a favored design choice even against more contemporary design trends in Europe like Scandi.

European classic design relies a lot on accessories and individual décor pieces against a nice neutral backdrop, unlike other décor trends which have a more all-encompassing approach to design calling for wild colors everywhere. So if you want to give your bedroom a classic European feel to it, accessories are where you’ll want to start, so let’s look into how you can give your bedroom a nice classic and continental vibe to it!

Timeless Roman Blinds

If you’re looking for a classic European look for your bedroom a set of Roman blinds should be your first addition. These blinds date back a few thousand years to ancient Rome where they were invented by people hanging linens over their windows. In terms of window dressings, nothing says classic European like the most classic, most European blind of them all!

With Roman blinds, you should look to either use a neutral color that fits with the rest of your bedroom’s décor or use the blinds as a focal point using a strong but natural color like a burnt orange to draw attention to your windows, especially if you have traditional windows and window frames. As a note, as this blind will be going into your bedroom, look for a blackout option to keep your room dark at night.

Classic Bed Rug

Rugs are heavily used in classic European décor, with their use dating back to when most floors were just dirt on the floor, using a rug allows you to add style and class to even the most basic flooring. In your bedroom, the best place to use a classic rug would be at the foot of your bed. This will create an effect that makes your bed appear to be floating and gives you a very luxurious feel to your bedroom.

In terms of what rugs you use, most rugs of ancient Europe were imported from the Middle East or Eastern Asia, so Persian or Oriental rugs will give you an accurate feel of classic Europe. Or if you’d like to add some contemporary flair to your classic bedroom, a nice minimalist rug in a neutral colour will add a modern spin to the classic European look.

Light Wood Furniture

As classic European styles are heavily influenced by the past, you’ll find lots of wood used in classic European décor schemes, mostly in lighter woods like Oak, Ash, and Elm which are very common trees in Europe and used in abundance. 

To capture this classic European vibe in your bedroom, you should look to use light wooden furniture where possible, this can be done in a lot of areas in your bedroom, like your bed frame, any cupboards or storage units in your room, and even with your bedroom door to create an authentic classic European look.

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