Backyard Landscaping Designs: Inspiration You Need

It can be tough to think of great backyard landscaping designs. Luckily, we're here to help you out with all your design needs.

Did you know people feel better when they spend time outside? Make your backyard landscape an oasis. If you want to redesign your backyard and need some landscape design plans, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over some different large backyard landscaping ideas.

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Make a Walkway

You can transform your backyard by adding a simple walkway. The path will guide your visitors through your backyard. Use paths to divide different parts of your backyard into more manageable sections.

Also, with managed sections in your backyard, it will appear larger and look better. Use different materials like stone, bricks, crushed rock, or even mulch.

Pick Up a Water Feature

Water features help make a landscape peaceful and relaxing. You can transform your backyard by investing in a water fountain. Different pollinators and birds will show up in your garden.

A lot of people will shop around for a unique water fountain. The water fountain becomes a focal point in the yard.

Use a Screen

Do you have an electric meter on the side of your home that you would like to hide?

Consider using a screen to hide the air conditioning unit away. You can build a screen or use a series of planted shrubs or trees.

A well-placed trellis screen can hide away unattractive parts of your landscape. You could also look into planting a row of hedges.

Plant Flowers

Do you have a deck in your backyard? You can soften the look of your deck by planting some flowers or garden beds around the deck.

Tall ornamental grass will also add a soft and attractive screen around your deck.

Gates and Fences

You can set the tone for your backyard by installing an entryway. An arbor or gate will help make a good impression and impress guests entering your backyard.

You can use a gate or arbor as a doorway, but also to add an artistic flair to your garden.

Some people will also look into fencing options. If you want some more privacy around your backyard, check out these ideas for fence installation options.

What About a Fire Pit?

Fire pits are a great way to change up the look of your backyard design. You can incorporate a fire pit into your design in a few ways. Consider getting a stationary fire pit built from stone or pavers.

Some people will order a prefabricated metal fire pit that they can move around.

People love to entertain guests around a fire pit.

Add a Shaded Area

A pergola can add shade to your landscape and also have an aesthetic appeal. If you don’t want to build a pergola, you could also look into getting a pavilion.

Pavilions will transform your backyard. You’ll have a place to entertain guests. Pavilions are mobile and can get put on your landscape easily.

Set Up an Entertainment Space

You should look at setting up a patio or seating area in your backyard. Pick up patio furniture that will reflect your style.

You can add a few seating areas to your landscape. This way, you’ll have a few different spots to enjoy the view.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

Landscape lighting will improve your experience with the garden in the evening. You will have a bigger living space at night to use. Guests will be able to see and enjoy your backyard landscape and design.

Also, lighting will offer extra security. You’ll still be able to see your backyard after the sunsets.

Look at some different options. You can pick up some hanging lanterns for your deck or seating area.

Try Growing Different Plants

You should look at growing flowers and vegetables. Consider raised garden beds. A raised garden bed will add something extra to your landscape design.

Make the borders with pavers, stones, or edging. You could also use a decorative fence. Obelisks and trellises will add another element and texture to your garden.

You’ll want to find out what plants will grow well in your region. Go to your local plant nursery and ask for some advice. You could also ask your neighbors what flowers or plants they prefer to grow.

Make sure you maintain your garden throughout the week. This way, weeds won’t overtake your plants.

You don’t want your flowerbeds to become a mess. Your backyard will suddenly not feel like a comfortable and inviting space. Keep up with weeding your garden and fertilizing your plants.

Install a Deck

A lot of people will transform their backyard by adding a deck to the design. You could get a floating patio or a raised deck.

People will spend more time outside and entertain guests or family members outdoors.

Do you have any family members or friends who are carpenters? Ask them to come over for a weekend and help you build a deck. With the help of a few people, you can finish the project.

Host a celebratory dinner after finishing the deck.

Outdoor Shed

You might want to add an outdoor shed to your backyard. You can store your tools and protect things like your leaf blowers, trimmers, or riding mower.

Look into building codes, homeowners association rules, and zoning regulations first.

Consider These Backyard Landscaping Designs

We hope this guide on backyard landscaping designs was helpful. Consider what landscape additions you can make to your backyard.

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