A New Look: 8 Kids Bedroom Redesign Ideas


Are you looking for inexpensive decorating ideas for kids’ bedrooms?

When a kid wants his/her own room, it’s important that you bring out your A-game to deliver the best output possible. This is because it takes a considerable amount of effort to decorate a child’s bedroom to their liking while keeping it sleep-friendly.

You don’t want to overstimulate them, after all, as they need to get their sleep in to remain healthy as they grow. With these 8 kids bedroom redesign ideas, you will craft the perfect room that they’ll love and cater to their needs. Continue reading what’s below to learn the best designs to use in a kid’s bedroom.

1. Incorporate House Plants

Houseplants are an excellent way to make any room lively, and your kids’ bedroom is no exception. For a growing kid, this can encourage them to take on hobbies in plants. This will also make the room vibrant and improve the air quality even by a little bit.

2. Toys as Decorations

It’s common to have toys laying around the house and your kids’ room, so it’s not a bad idea to incorporate them into the bedroom’s new design. It’s also among the best inexpensive decorating ideas for kids’ bedrooms as they tend to have a lot of them. Using them as bedroom decor is a good way to save space, money, and also makes room for newer toys.

3. Matching Pillows

Match the beddings with the theme and color of the room. Use accent colors for the comforter, blankets, and extra pillows.

You can even match this with curtains to create a uniform and united look. This is among the best girls’ bedroom ideas as they often like to match prints of cartoon characters with other things in their room.

4. Ceiling Decorations

Most kids will stare up at the ceiling as they try to fall asleep. You can give them something to stare at while doing so by adding some decorations. You can add glow in the dark stickers or paint a great scene on the ceiling to keep them mesmerized as they sleep.

5. Place Educational Objects

Use bookshelves to place books, charts, and toys that encourage learning. This way, you’re not only focusing on design, but also fun and learning.

6. Travel the World

Decorate the ceiling or walls with the world map. This is to encourage them to know the world around them. Not only does this inspire them, but it also a great way to educate them about geography.

7. Prints and Paints

Be innovative in your kid’s room decorating ideas and combine prints and paints. Paint the wall using prints like race cars or flowers. Use accent colors for the cabinets and other prints to create a sense of unity.

8. Try Different Color Combinations

If you want to encourage your kids to try new things, a great way to do so is by trying new color combinations in their bedroom. It’s a small start, but it will get them comfortable with the idea of being unique in their own way. This bedroom design choice also allows you to be more creative with your designs.

Know Your Kids Bedroom Redesign Ideas Today

If your kid wants you to redesign their bedroom, you need not fear with the help of these 8 ideas. Use these to come up with simple, creative, or functional ways to design your child’s room today!

Are you looking for more kids bedroom redesign ideas? Check out more of our guides to learn what you can!

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