A Comprehensive Mattress Buying Guide

When you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, it’s time to focus on getting a new mattress. After all, there’s nothing worse than waking up and not feeling rested and ready for the day. But how do you know which mattress is the best match for your needs?

Read on to find a comprehensive mattress buying guide!

Know the Types of Mattresses

What’s one of the biggest tips for buying a mattress? Start by knowing that not all mattresses are made from the same materials. From memory foam to latex, the options are far greater than they used to be.

Sinking into memory foam can be a supportive experience, but these mattresses can get a little toasty. Mattresses filled with spring coils, however, will provide a bit of bounce when you lie down. You may need to replace a coil mattress sooner, though.

For a luxurious experience, pack on the padding with a pillowtop mattress. Just be prepared to pay more. Similarly, latex or hybrid mattresses tend to exceed $1,000 for a queen.

A Mattress Buying Guide Includes Tips for Testing

When you visit a mattress store, it’s important to lie down on the mattresses. Come in loose clothing to simulate the sleeping experience. And lie down on your back, sides, and stomach.

Figure out if you prefer a firm or soft mattress, or something in the middle. Take note of the types of mattresses that click with you.

Choosing a mattress can be an indecisive person’s nightmare. If you struggle with making decisions, ask a partner or friend to join you and give feedback during mattress tests. Alternatively, skip the stress of indecision and make your purchase online!

Learn How to Buy a Mattress

Before you get too far along, nail down a budget. Some mattresses can cost several thousands of dollars. And if you feel like a box spring is necessary, that will ramp up the price even more.

You can shop in-person or online for mattresses. Visiting a showroom is one of the most efficient ways to comparison shop. Visit https://www.tampabaymattresses.com/ for a great selection!

While you can’t test out a mattress as quickly when you’re browsing online, many online stores have generous policies. For instance, you may be able to test out the mattress for a month risk-free. Some stores even will send personnel to pick up a mattress and give you a full or partial refund.

Make sure you’re clear on store policies regarding returns and financing options. It also never hurts to try to negotiate. A store with too much inventory might be willing to cut you a deal if you express interest or quote a better price from a competitor.

Make Choosing a Mattress Easier

When you have a mattress buying guide in mind, you’ll be able to navigate a complicated process more easily. Determine what qualities you prefer in a mattress, and set an upper limit that you’re willing to pay.

To find more tips for a more restful day, check back!

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