8 Major Tips for Improving Your Front Yard Landscape

Landscaping your yard is a beautiful way to show your care for it. Here are 8 major tips for improving your front yard landscape.

79% of Americans say that the lawn is something important when renting or buying a house. In fact, it’s ranked the second most important home feature!

This information might be making you feel a bit self-conscious about your property. But the good news is, if your lawn is a bit worse for wear, there are always ways to improve it so you feel proud.

Do you need to spruce up your front yard landscape? Then you’re in luck. Here are 8 great tips you should follow for landscape design!

1. Plant Some Trees

Does your yard look a bit bare? Then this is something easily fixed by planting some trees!

However, you should do some research and planning first before you run out and buy trees. You need to make sure the ones you buy won’t be destructive and that they’re planted at least 8 to 10 feet away from your house.

Some good trees to start with include American holly, crabapple, and dogwood. Avoid buying weeping willows and oak trees, as these will grow gnarly roots that’ll destroy your property.

2. Weed Fast With Boiled Water

Weeds can really ruin the look of your front yard. Everything looks unkempt and run down.

But are you tired of putting in hours, weeding your yard, only to find them popping back up again in a few weeks? Then you need to work smart, not hard.

An easy way to weed your front yard is to just pour some boiling water over weeds. It might take a few tries to get them out, but it’ll save your back and muscles from aching!

3. Make a Mini Garden at Your Mailbox

This one’s quite a unique idea and it’ll definitely make your house stand out in the neighborhood!

All you have to do is dig out a small circle around your mailbox, fill it with dirt and mulch, then plant some beautiful flowers in this area. When your mailman comes to deliver mail, they’ll smile each time they see your mini garden.

And when random people drive down the street, they’ll make note of that wonderful house with the gorgeous flowers in front! It can also be a fantastic way to give directions; just tell your friends to stop at the house with the mailbox with all the flowers and they’ll know exactly when they’ve arrived.

4. Use Plants for Height and Privacy

Many people’s landscapes tend to look a bit flat. You can instantly give your yard more height by adding a few plants around. For example, you can line your walkway with small planters below knee height so they don’t overwhelm your yard.

You should also consider adding some near the entrance of your home. It’ll frame the area nicely and give you a bit of added privacy too.

You don’t have to fill the planter completely with soil either. Cut down on costs by filling the bottom half or so with recycled materials!

5. Plant Perennials Instead of Annuals

Perennials are plants that bloom for a few seasons, then go dormant. Most live up to 3 years, which means you’ll get more bang for your buck. Another plus is perennials are usually cheaper.

We’ll concede that annuals look great all year long, but after they’re done blooming, they’re finished. You’ll need to dig them up and replant them with either other annuals or some perennials.

The best option is to plant only perennials, but to stagger them. That way, when the growing season is done for one, another will bloom so you don’t have a bare yard.

6. Install an Irrigation System

If you don’t already have an irrigation system, even a basic sprinkler system, consider putting aside around $3,000 for one. It’s pretty pricey, but what’s even pricier is if your new landscape just dies off as soon as you put it all in.

Think of an irrigation system as an investment. Not only will it keep your landscape nice and watered without you putting in work, but it’ll also add value to your home. So if you plan on selling it in the future, buyers will consider the irrigation system a plus.

7. Don’t Forget About Hardscaping

When most people redo their yards, they focus solely on landscaping. But don’t forget about hardscaping, as this can really elevate your home’s look!

You can incorporate materials like metal, concrete, and brick. For example, for your front lawn, you can have a path of stones leading up to your house.

These hard materials will balance out your “soft” materials (i.e. your greenery), which will give it the perfect look.

8. Bring the Professionals In

Sometimes, your yard is just too far gone. Or maybe you don’t have the time to redo everything. Or you just don’t feel confident in your skills.

Whatever the reason, there comes a time where bringing in professionals can be the best option. For example, these landscaping services can completely transform your property and make improving your landscape quick and easy.

Not only that, but working with experts means your landscape ideas can be brought to life as well. And if you’re stumped, then you can count on them to make suggestions based on your home’s style, your personal tastes, and budget.

Make Your Front Yard Landscape Gorgeous

If you’ve felt embarrassed about your front yard landscape, it’s time to change all that. By redoing your landscape according to the tips we’ve given you here, you’ll be able to breathe new life into your property and have a front yard that everyone’s envious of.

Have we answered your questions on how to redo your landscape? There’s more to be learned about home improvement, so browse more of our blog page now!

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