9 Tips for Landscaping Around a Square Patio

You should feel proud of your home's landscaping design. Click here for nine practical tips for landscaping around a square patio.

If you aren’t sure how to improve your square patio, start by looking at ways to make it blend into your landscaping.

Your hard-surface patio is a great space to add potted plant, more grass and pretty rocks. Use your square patio as a place to sit with a drink and appreciate your outdoor space no matter the weather.

With our easy patio ideas, you can add texture, color, and interest to both your outdoor space and patio.

Let’s look at how to improve landscaping around a square patio.

1. Mix Stones and Gravel

Mix stones and gravel are great items to consider when landscaping around a square patio. Stones of various shapes and sizes can be used to outline the square patio. Pick stones that complement the size and shape of the patio.

Gravel of various sizes and colors can be used around the patio to create a bed or path that makes use of the square patio centerpiece. This will enhance the look of the patio and create a unique optical effect.

To prevent the stones and gravel from getting washed away, consider putting down a layer of landscape fabric or weed barrier, topped with a layer of small stones and then gravel. Add larger pieces of stone for aesthetics.

2. Add Some Planters

A great way to add texture and color to your square patio is to add some planters. Planters can be used to showcase a variety of smaller plants, herbs, and flowers. You can place them in close proximity to the patio or further away, depending on the look you are going for.

When adding planters, it is best to opt for ones that are made of weather-proof materials like stone, plastic, cement, or metal. If you decide to use wooden planters, it is important to make sure they are treated for water and weather protection.

3. Install Garden Beds

Make sure to choose plants that can tolerate the sun and have a heightened aesthetic quality – petunias, marigolds, and vincas are best suited for gardening beds. For the center, pick a centerpiece that stands out amongst the rest – such as a tall poker plant or a hibiscus tree – to make a statement and draw the eye.

To round out the landscape, try adding various other perennials such as lavender, daisies, and coreopsis to accentuate the edges of the bed. Finally, to keep the garden bed looking its best, make sure to water and fertilize the plants each week, and prune back any overgrown plants.

4. Plant Bushes and Flowers

Planting bushes and flowers is an excellent way to beautify the landscape around a square patio. Bushes provide a privacy screen and a creative way to spruce up the landscape. Flower beds with annuals and perennials provide colorful accents and flair that adds more interest to the yard.

Decide what style of look you would like to create and choose plants accordingly. Use evergreen bushes for a bold, structured look or softer flowering shrubs for a more relaxing, inviting look. Choose plants that will thrive in your area and take the time to space and shape the plants appropriately.

5. Make Space for Some Trees

Firstly, make sure to make space for some trees. Trees will add a variety of textures, colors, and sizes to your landscape and provide that full and shady look achieved by many landscaping professionals. When choosing trees, look for low maintenance, fast growing, and small varieties that fit the area you have available.

Be sure to also consult a landscaping professional when selecting appropriate species and location. Additionally, when planting trees to frame the patio, be sure to keep them close enough to create the desired look, while not so close to block too much natural light or create too much shade for the area. 

6. Decorate With Wood

Consider adding a wooden trellis for colorful adding plants and vines or a wooden pergola for a bit of shade or to break up the square space. Planting a few shrubs in wooden planters can add depth and texture.

If you are looking for a more modern touch, try installing wooden tiles. Wooden tiles are low maintenance and can be used to create a wide variety of patterns and designs.

7. Put Up Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens create a beautiful visual effect in a limited amount of space by using trellises, wall pockets, or window planters to create a sense of dimension with layers of foliage and colorful blooms. Low-maintenance veggies and herbs, such as lemongrass, thyme, and kale, can be grown in window beds or in hanging baskets.

Combining different types of plants in a vertical garden creates a powerful visual display. Plants with bold foliage, low maintenance perennials, and ornamental plants also work well.

8. Pergolas and Arbors

Pergolas and arbors are excellent elements to incorporate into a design around a square patio landscaping. By positioning either of these garden structures at each corner of a patio, you can add an instant touch of class and elegance to the outdoor area.

Additionally, pergolas and arbors can provide a lightweight covering over the square patio area to scale back the sun’s rays and make the area feel more comforting and inviting. Make sure that the pergolas or arbors are built out of durable materials such as metal poles and wood to ensure it lasts for many years. 

9. Fire Dish Vista

To create a cohesive space, begin by circling the edge of the patio with thick low-level shrubs, hedges, or flower beds. Consider adding diagonal pathways for each corner, leading to a separate seating area for a cozy, relaxing firepit experience.

Use native plants to reflect the index of the local climate and draw the eye to the unique features of the fire dish. Incorporate seasonal plants to offer visual interest as well as allow the patio to blend within its environment.

Top the fire dish with groundcover, such as pea gravel or grass, to bring texture and visual appeal to the area. If you need professional help, consult with Hardscape experts to turn this into a reality.

All About Landscaping Around a Square Patio

Landscaping around a square patio is a great way to add beauty and personality to your outdoor space. Following these steps can ensure that your final project looks great, but it’s also important to experiment and use your own ideas.

Keep these tips in mind as you create your own unique outdoor oasis today!

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