7 Tips for Securing Your Truck

7 Tips for Securing Your Truck

If you own or manage a truck, it’s important to have a good level of security for it. There have been different truck crimes and thefts. This puts more pressure on the cost of vehicle insurance. 

To protect your truck from theft, there are certain things you need to pay attention to. These boost the security of your truck. If you are a truck driver, you must prioritize your security as well as the security of your vehicle. This guide offers you the best security tips you can use to safeguard your truck. Read on. 

How to Safeguard Your Truck 

Safeguarding your truck goes beyond locking it. Below are seven strategies for securing your truck:

Remain vigilant

Certain areas across the world are rife with crime. Trucks have slow speeds. This makes them easy targets for criminals. It’s therefore very vital to be vigilant if you live in an area with a high level of theft. Prepare to briskly move away whenever you sense danger. Be quick to inform the police if you discover any suspicious movement.

Lock your truck 

Here comes an obvious tip. However, it’s important to first cover the basics. Always lock your truck when you are away or even sleeping in the cabin. Even when you are awake and idle inside the truck, always keep your doors locked. Always stay safe. You never know what may happen at any time.

Use a portable alarm

The installation of portable alarms is easy. You will find these alarms in any hardware store close to you. They are also available online. What a portable car alarm does is ward off unwarranted attention. It also helps you alert others who may be closer to your truck.

Secured parking

You must often park in a secure parking lot. It’s a plus if it has CCTV. Gates need to be lockable too. If you can’t get all this, then use a park that has a security attendant. Also, good lighting is vital. Parking in any of these places helps you reduce the risk of having your truck tampered with.

Breakdown cover

Some criminals specialize in common breakdown spots. These criminals will park in vans and then wait for commercial vehicles to break down. That’s how they steal goods or loads. 

How can you prevent this from happening to you? Always have breakdown recovery. This must have a minimum response time. With this, you won’t be an easy target for these criminals.

Use stickers

Low-end criminals are deterred by certain stickers. For instance, stickers that read “This Vehicle is Fitted with an Alarm and an Immobilizer” or “This Truck is Monitored by the Police” will deter these criminals. They won’t be able to attempt to steal your truck. Also, they are a good method for deterring opportunistic criminals.

Tracking devices are helpful

Fit a GPS tracking device on your truck. Use it in all your vehicles. A tracking device will allow you to monitor the location of your truck in real time. Whenever any unwanted movement is detected, you will be alerted. These devices are also effective for recovering any stolen truck or vehicle. 


If you live in an area with rampant vehicle theft, then you need to take the security of your truck very seriously. With the tips above, you will be able to scare away any opportunistic criminal. Finally, reach out to Secur-T for the best plastic seal for trucks. Their plastic seals will prevent tampering. 

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