7 Signs Independent Living is Right For You

Are you wondering if it's time to move to assisted living? Click here for seven signs that independent living is right for you.

There are times in life in which we must reevaluate our circumstances. And as we get older, these moments tend to become more frequent. But as the well-known adage goes, “when there’s a will there’s a way”.

If you want to find the best independent living facility in St. Louis or whichever area you live in but don’t know if it’s the right time, fear not! This article will highlight seven signs that independent living might be right for you. Keep reading to get a clear picture of what assisted living means.

1. Housekeeping Is a Challenge

As time goes on, larger homes can become a struggle to maintain for older ones. You may start to neglect certain tasks which can bring troubles of their own. This could make a once warm home start to feel like a burden to care for.

The possibility of downsizing and becoming a part of an assisted living community may help you to minimize the workload when it comes to housekeeping.

2. Recent Falls

Falls may not necessarily be of great concern if an older person is living with someone. But living alone in a home that is not designed to suit the needs of a senior could have devastating effects. Moving to an assisted living facility makes it easier to move around the home because everything is designed to make a senior’s life easier.

3. Loneliness

Loneliness can have a detrimental effect on a senior’s overall well-being. While younger members of the family may try their best to keep you emotionally stimulated, it may not be enough.

Living in a senior care community can reinvigorate your need for human connection—something we all need!

4. Health-Related Concerns

This covers a huge aspect of a senior’s life: medical appointments, managing medication, healthy eating habits; these can be a challenge to juggle if living alone. Friendly support from a member of staff may be all that’s needed to ensure that you’re are staying as healthy and vibrant as possible.

5. Concerns About Driving

It could be that driving has become a challenge. Public transport may also be a complicated task. Independent living facilities will ensure that you are cared for in this regard. Whether it’s doctors appointments or social events, you can regain far more independence with the help of a senior care facility.

6. Mismanaging Finances

Without good support and a real sense of purpose, it can be very easy to start to neglect your finances. Seniors are also targets of scams. A little extra support will ensure that you’re not getting overwhelmed with unopened bills and con-artists on your doorstep.

7. Decreased Mobility

Due to severe health issues, many seniors may need a wheelchair or prosthesis. This can greatly affect their lifestyle. But independent living is not the to further remove your independence but to help you maintain it by facilitating your lifestyle in the most practical ways possible. Check out websites like www.maridevilla.com to get a fuller picture of what independent living involves.

Is Independent Living for You?

Independent living has the goal of making what is often a challenging period of life easier. Many older ones want to spend their senior years doing things that truly matter: spending time with their loved ones, working on their passions. The purpose of independent living is to help seniors have that time and energy without having to be concerned about the mundane aspects of life.

So, if you want more time to do the things you love, independent living might just be the support you need.

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