6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Space  

6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Space

When summer is approaching, you may be considering how you can get more out of your outdoor areas for entertaining or simply for relaxing by yourself on warmer nights. In the following post, we’ll be covering some of the ways in which you can get more use out of your outdoor spaces and create opportunities for entertainment and socializing. Keep reading to find out more.

Chimineas And Fire Pits 

If you want an addition to your garden that will help to create a space for entertainment and a central feature around which you can gather with family and friends, then you could consider a chiminea or fire pit. They are perfect for creating warmth and coziness, even after the sun has disappeared and the cold evenings creep in. There is a range of different styles and sizes of chimineas and fire pits available, so there will be something to suit your personal taste. You could opt for a traditional Italian-style chiminea, or a more minimalist, modern open fire pit if that’s more your thing. The benefit of adding this feature to your outdoor space is that you’ll not only be creating a way to help improve the look of it, but you’ll also be able to get more use out of your outdoor space year-round despite cold weather. 

Pizza Ovens 

For those that enjoy being able to eat al fresco, investing in a pizza oven could be a fantastic addition. If you choose an outdoor pizza oven from Ooni, then these handy devices can help you not only make delicious meals for entertaining. They are also portable so you can move them around for more versatility and flexibility. There is a range of different sizes and styles available, that can function with different fuel types. You can even pick from a range of accessories to go with your new pizza oven so you can get started as soon as your order arrives. Being able to cook outside will allow you to benefit from your outdoor space more and create meals that will bring your family and friends together. 

Hot Tubs 

For those that want a way to be able to relax under the stars even on cooler nights, a hot tub makes a luxurious addition to an outdoor space. Perfect for relaxing or having a few drinks with friends, you can choose a tub that will suit your needs as they are available in a range of sizes and styles. They also vary in price and affordability, so can fit a range of budgets. For those wanting a budget-friendly option, you could opt for an inflatable hot tub as they tend to be more affordable in price. Alternatively, you could spend more and get a custom-designed hot tub with features such as jets and reclined seating. 

Awnings And Verandas 

If you love being outdoors but find that rainfall can get in the way, then you could consider installing an awning or veranda. The main difference between an awning and a veranda is that verandas tend to be fixed in place as a more solid structure, whereas awnings can be made from waterproof fabric and are retractable when you are not using them. Of course, the type of shelter you choose to install will depend on the preference you have both for the look of it and the level of versatility you need. For example, you may prefer the convenience of being able to neatly tuck away an awning when it’s not being used. Verandas can be made from glass, which can help to give an outdoor area a more modern and high-quality appeal over an awning. 

Outdoor Bars 

For those that love entertaining, adding an outdoor bar can be a great way to make more from your outdoor living. Although you can order pre-made or custom-made bars, you could even consider making your own. Your outdoor bar can look however you like and be created with different features. For example, consider whether you would like to have seating at your bar or storage for an outdoor refrigerator system for storing drinks and ingredients. You also need to consider the style or theme you would like your bar to have, such as a minimalist, modern design or Hawaiian style bar. 

Sports And Exercise 

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys sports and you have the space to spare, then you could consider installing sporting areas such as a basketball court or tennis court. You can create a scaled-down version if you don’t have room for a larger court. Being able to use your outdoor spaces for sports and hobbies will mean you’re able to get more use out of them, at the same time as staying fit and healthy. Another option is to install an outdoor gym, a great option if you want to prioritize getting healthier if you don’t have the space to spare inside your home.

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