6 Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Plumbing Repair Company

Choosing the right commercial plumbing repair company is an important decision. Here are 6 tips to ensure you pick the perfect one.

Making that frantic phone call after an employee comes to you saying a pipe burst is stressful. Before making an emergency call you have to make sure that no other employees use the restroom and that everyone is safe. Your week just got off to a rough start and you aren’t sure where to turn next.   

Luckily, making the phone call is the difficult part. When you find the right commercial plumbing repair, the solution is easy. In this post, we’ll discuss six ways you can find a reputable commercial plumbing repair company.  

1. Check for Commercial Experience

The first tip is obvious, but something to keep in mind when you’re making that hectic phone call. Your plumbing repairs should be done by a plumbing company that specializes in commercial work. 

Commercial plumbing repair is complex. The size and extent of the plumbing are different than residential. Make sure the company you are hiring knows how to handle the size and scope of the work. 

2. Ensure They Arrive Quickly 

Emergencies are inevitable in a commercial space. You need a company that will arrive quickly to resolve the different type of commercial plumbing repair that is required. From finding the root cause of the faucet leak to the toilet that won’t flush, you need a company you can count on in your moment of need. 

Make sure the plumbing company you call answers emergency calls as part of the business model. 

3. Make Sure They Repair and Install 

Some plumbers are only as good as their repairs. To guarantee all your bases are covered, make sure the company you are hiring is just as skilled at repairs as they are new installations. 

It is common that the repair will only fix the problem momentarily, meaning that a new installation is likely. Having a company that does more than just repairs ensures you will get the service you need. 

4. Check the Reviews 

One of the quickest ways to find a commercial plumbing repair services company is to look at reviews. Browse through and search for a solid history of excellent plumbing repairs. Search for companies that talk about their honesty and willingness to go above and beyond.   

5. Find a Plumber Close to You 

Quick and easy access to your business will make everything so much easier. With commercial plumbing repairs, it is likely you will need to call them more than once. Establishing a relationship with a company that is in close proximity will help you in the long run.  

6. Expect Great Customer Service 

Friendly and prompt customer service is the goal. A plumber that thoroughly explains each detail, the cost, and the time required to fix the issue is exactly what you deserve. Great customer service should be the gold standard.  

Commercial Plumbing Repair You Can Count On  

Plumbing issues pop up at any time. Whether you are dealing with a leaky faucet or a burst pipe in your office space, you want everything handled efficiently and professionally. 

With these six tips, the next time a plumbing mishap comes your way you will feel at ease knowing you will find reputable commercial plumbing repair quickly. You will send out that “Restroom is open for use” email in no time at all.  

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