5 Tooth Replacement Options

Missing teeth can be bad for your dental hygiene and confidence. Learn about these five tooth replacement options to find which may work for you.

A tooth can chip or fracture, or you can suffer a blow to the face that knocks one out. Sudden tooth pain sends you straight to the dentist. But your dentist may tell you that your tooth is beyond repair.

You risk more tooth decay without the missing tooth, and a tooth replacement is expensive. This can send you into an emotional tailspin. When does it make sense to pull the tooth, and when does it make sense to try to fix it? And how much are you going to pay?

Read on to learn more about the tooth replacement options. 

1. Implant-Supported Bridge

An implant-supported bridge is an ideal choice for replacing multiple missing teeth. This is performed by surgically implanting two steel posts into the jaw and affixing a replacement structure known as a bridge between them. This is a permanent restoration and looks like natural teeth.

Interested individuals can opt for 4 to 6 implants to hold their bridge for added stability. Not only are implant-supported bridges aesthetically pleasing, but they also help maintain bone health in the jaw since they mimic the roots of natural teeth.

2. Tooth-Supported Bridge

This type of bridge is designed to fit into the mouth comfortably and securely, replacing missing teeth between two natural teeth. The natural teeth support a replacement pontic made of porcelain or ceramic. This bridge design requires that the natural teeth on either side of the space be modified to support the bridge since they are anchors.

This type of bridge is also advantageous because it does not require extra support from nearby teeth like other bridge designs. Tooth-supported bridges lend a long-term, healthy, natural-looking solution. 

3. Flipper

Flipper teeth are typically made of acrylic and are fixed to the roof of the mouth with metal clasps. They can be removed when needed, such as when brushing and flossing are needed. These appliances are visible to the person wearing them. However, they are the least expensive and quickest tooth replacement option.

They are also popular because they allow for a space where the natural teeth can be replaced when an implant or other tooth replacement option is available. 

4. Removable Partial Dentures

This type of denture is crafted so the patient can easily remove and re-insert the appliance, doing cleaning and care a breeze. Depending on the situation and the patient’s needs, the dentures may be placed by clasps that fit around existing teeth, keeping them snug and secure while in the mouth.

It is important to note that removable partial dentures are not a permanent solution and ultimately may need to be replaced or adjusted as the patient’s needs change. 

5. Dental Implants

A dental implant involves the insertion of a metal post into the jaw and surrounding tissue that acts as a new root for an artificial tooth. This procedure has a high success effect rate, is safe and secure, and has a better long-term outcome.

It is surgically placed into the jawbone and provides permanent support for a replacement tooth. If you seek tooth replacement benefits, check out these options.

Understanding Your Tooth Replacement Options

Tooth replacement options bring an opportunity to restore health, beauty, and self-confidence. Depending on your needs, there are several different types of treatments available. Contact your local dentist to discuss your options and get on the road to a better smile.

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