5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Backyard Retreat

Are you looking to transform your backyard into the perfect retreat from daily life? Discover how to create the ideal backyard retreat here.

When you’re spending time at home, you deserve a backyard treat where you can kick back and relax. From ornamental grasses to a new stain on the deck, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your space. But where should you start?

Read on to learn 5 steps to creating the perfect backyard retreat!

1. Add Plantings to Create a Lush Backyard Garden Retreat

The right mix of plantings can really enhance relaxing backyard retreats. You can make your landscaping sparkle with ornamental grasses and shrubbery.

Try juniper, hydrangeas, or ribbon grass. These are durable choices that will add texture and interest to even the smallest space. And don’t hesitate to contact a professional landscaper for input on what will thrive in your climate!

2. Establish the Right Ambiance with Lighting

Wondering how to create a backyard retreat? Add some ambient lighting to make any space soothing and magical. String some lights from the posts on your deck or gazebo. Or add small lanterns around the perimeter of your patio.

LED lights will last a long time and provide strong light. For a softer look, go with luminaries lining your deck or patio.

3. A Backyard Retreat Needs Bursts of Color

When you’re working with lots of neutral colors in your backyard decor, remember to introduce some bursts of color. For instance, grab a few throw pillows — UV-resistant ones — that will add pops of vibrant color and patterns to the mix. You might even want an area rug to help make your arrangement of furniture feel more cohesive.

And if you’re restaining your deck, be intentional about your color choice. Opt for a deep pecan or slate blue to make the furniture and decor colors pop!

4. Consider a Privacy Screen

If you own a small property, you can still put together a memorable space. You may need to introduce some privacy screens or fences, however, to create a more secluded space. After all, you don’t want anyone interfering with your private sanctuary.

Use wooden boards for a sturdier partition. Or try a mesh screen that will let in some light. For a natural barrier, add some arborvitae or other bushy greens.

5. Introduce Comfortable Seating

A comfy lounge chair, porch swing, or Adirondack chair can upgrade any backyard retreat. Find seating that doesn’t overwhelm the space. And aim for cohesion in terms of color choice and style.

Don’t hang on to old lawn chairs that have worn out their welcome. All good small backyard retreat ideas need to include comfortable seating. While you’re at it, choose rugged furniture that can withstand the intense summer heat and winter weather alike.

Find the Right Backyard Retreat Ideas

When you’re crafting a backyard retreat, figure out how you can maximize your space — and your budget. Determine if you need to create more privacy from the neighbors. And find a color scheme and style that will make you happy each time you are in your space.

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