5 Signs You Need To See a Gynecologist ASAP

Outside of your regular trips to your gynecologist, certain signs and situations may arise and require a trip as soon as possible.

If you’ve ever felt uneasy or apprehensive about going to your annual well-woman exam, you’re not alone. Feelings of anxiousness prior to attending gynecologist visits are not uncommon, with one survey stating that two-thirds of women felt anxious regarding the gender of their gynecologist. Others still felt anxious about potential problems.

While feelings of anxiousness are normal and are usually nothing to worry about, there are certain signs and symptoms that may warrant a check-up with your gynecologist outside of your annual exam. Continue reading for 5 signs and symptoms that indicate you should schedule a visit ASAP.

1. Painful Periods

Many women experience cramps during their menstrual cycle. It’s considered normal to feel some pain during your period, but when the pain becomes unbearable, it’s a good idea to get it checked out. Menstrual cramps that leave you feeling incapacitated and unable to function in your day-to-day life can be a sign of a larger problem.

If you haven’t always dealt with cramps, or if the pain has started to worsen over time, it could be a sign of concern. It’s best to get it checked out by a doctor, who will be able to rule out issues such as fibroids or endometriosis.

2. Unusual Discharge

Vaginal odor is nothing to worry about as it is a normal part of a healthy, functioning body. When the odor begins to noticeably change and is accompanied by unusual discharge, it’s time for a visit with your doctor.

Any pain or itching associated with said changes can indicate infections such as yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.

3. No Period

Certain medications, along with certain birth control options can cause disruptions to a period. Certain lifestyle factors, as well as general stressors and hormone fluctuations, can also cause disparities in your period.

While irregular periods are not always cause for concern, if your period has stopped entirely, it could be a sign of a larger disorder or underlying health condition. If you notice any irregularities with your period, be sure to make visiting your gynecologist a priority. If you live in the New York area, 67streetobgyn.com offers help if you’re experiencing fluctuations in your period.

4. Discomfort During Intercourse

Experiencing pain during intercourse isn’t entirely uncommon. When you feel deep pain or sharp, sudden pains is when it becomes an issue. Inflammation, endometriosis, and ovarian cysts can all make sex a painful experience.

If your pain is persistent during sex, regardless of it being mild or severe, it’s in your best interests to schedule a visit with your gynecologist.

5. Burning Sensations

If you feel a burning sensation when you go to the bathroom, it might be time for an emergency gynecologist visit. A burning sensation while urinating is one of the many urinary tract infection symptoms or potentially a yeast infection.

It’s incredibly important to visit your doctor if you’re having trouble urinating, feel frequent urges to urinate, or feel burning when urinating. Left untreated, UTIs can lead to painful kidney infections.

Visit Your Gynecologist Today

While there are many reasons to visit your gynecologist, if you’re experiencing any of the above concerns, don’t hesitate to make an appointment today. Your health is of utmost importance and your gynecologist will be there to discuss any concerns you have.

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