5 Rug Decoration Ideas for Your Living Room

Everyone's home looks nicer with a rug here and there. Read our rug decoration tips that will make your living room look better than ever.

Does your living room lack excitement or definition? Adding a rug or two is always a great way to bring texture, warmth, and maybe even a little color into the equation.

But there’s a lot more to perfecting this look than placing any old rug in the middle of the floor. A well-chosen, well-placed rug can tie a room together and make the whole effect appear directional and considered. As such, it pays to understand how to decorate with rugs before you splash out on an expensive model.

Want to make your living room more stylish and inviting? Keep reading for some inspiring rug decoration tips and tricks!

1. Define Areas

An open-plan living room and dining room is a popular choice for modern homes. But these kinds of large, multi-function spaces can often lack definition. One of the best area rug tips is to place an oversized rug underneath your coffee table and sofa. This placement helps pull your seating area together while also creating a clear distinction between the room’s different zones.

2. Make it Moroccan

A modern Moroccan aesthetic is the perfect cozy yet stylish look for your home. While an authentic Moroccan rug is an investment, it adds an instant and unmistakable appeal to a relaxed living room setup. Top the effect off with floor cushions, an intricate wooden side table, and a Moroccan tea set.

3. Layer Up

Why limit yourself to one rug when you can layer them up for a unique, multi-dimensional look? Layering living room rugs of different sizes, shapes, textures, and patterns offers an instant Scandi-style cozy update that’s as unique and stylish as it is inviting. Just be sure to choose rugs in complementary patterns and colors to ensure your layering looks considered rather than haphazard.

4. Soften Straight Lines

Some of the best rug decoration ideas revolve around placing different-shaped rugs in a living room full of straight lines and angles. For example, you can soften a sideboard or angular armchair by placing a sheepskin rug at the base. Likewise, a circular rug beneath a rectangular coffee table will break up the sharp angles and add contrast.

5. Control the Volume

Depending on your current decor, you can use a rug to control the visual volume of a space as needed. If your living room features a bold patterned sofa or ornate wallpaper, you can tone down the effect with a plain rug. In contrast, for more subdued spaces, opting for bold and decorative living room rug ideas and patterns helps inject some instant interest into the room.

Rug Decoration Tips to Inspire You

As these rug decoration tips show, there are a lot more concepts and styles to consider when it comes to mastering the art of how to decorate with rugs.

But with these rug design ideas to guide you, it’ll be a lot easier to add the perfect finishing touch to your living room.

Looking for more home decor tips like this? Be sure to check out our other blog posts for a wealth of interiors inspiration!

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