5 Reasons You Should Get Invisalign Immediately In Winnipeg

5 Reasons You Should Get Invisalign Immediately In Winnipeg

Dental problems go far beyond the usual tooth infection and toothaches. You can face dental concerns due to the misalignment of one or more teeth. You may consider misaligned teeth an aesthetic concern, but it can lead to medical issues as well, such as incorrect speech, biting tongue, cheek or lips while eating, and gum infections, to name a few.

Estimates suggest that about 20% of the world’s population has some form of misalignment in their teeth. Fortunately, without invasive procedures, most of these can be corrected using clear aligners. It is no surprise that Winnipeg, Canada, has top ratings in healthcare facilities.

If you also seek alignment of your teeth, you need to consider Invisalign Winnipeg immediately. Here are the top five reasons that should be compelling enough.

  1. To Avoid Bruxism

Bruxism is when you grind your teeth. When your teeth are well aligned, they fit perfectly well into your mouth, but even a single tooth out of place can cause discomfort and result in you grinding your teeth. 

Grinding causes the enamel (top protective layer on the tooth) to erode and expose the sensitive part of the tooth. It can cause sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet foods, cavities, and rough edges, which can hurt your tongue and inner cheek. Getting Invisalign can help bring all the teeth in place and avoid bruxism.

  1. To Beat Decay

Improper cleaning due to crooked teeth can lead to plaque formation, which can cause cavities and decay. With straight teeth, you can floss and brush easily, keeping your teeth clean and healthy. That would be a perfect world. The world is not so perfect, but you can correct the imperfections of your teeth by ensuring that they are straightened.

  1. For Better Gum Health

Better cleaning will result in better health of gums and teeth. Tartar is formed when food particles are stuck in the crevices of your teeth. They can cause inflammation and result in sensitivity and bleeding gums. Severe conditions can also cause gingivitis, making your gums recede, or cause pain while eating, giving your foul breath, and many other concerns. Straight teeth allow for easy brushing and flossing to keep them squeaky clean.

  1. Eat Without Pain or Injury

Misaligned teeth can cause difficulty chewing as your bite does not fit correctly. You may have to chew from one side only or chew forcefully, which can cause pain. It can also bite your tongue, inner cheek, or lip while chewing, causing injury. Get Invisalign in Winnipeg to get rid of these issues and eat better. Have you been there already?

  1. Overall Better Health

Eating difficulties can lead to other health problems in your lifestyle. You have learned in school that digestion begins in the mouth. When you cannot break down food while you chew it, it may not get digested thoroughly, leading to bloating, gas, constipation, and low energy levels due to insufficient absorption of nutrients. Therefore, you must have a proper bite for overall better health.

Most people view invisalign from an aesthetic point of view, but this dental procedure has a lot of medical benefits that you now know. So if you are suffering from any of the ailments discussed above, make an appointment with your orthodontist.

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