5 Pro Tips for Designing the Walk-in Closet of Your Dreams

So, you can now finally afford a walk-in closet, but where should you start? Designing it is the first step. Learn how to design a walk-in closet here.

Are you looking to expand your home and add a walk in closet?

Before you do, remember that you need to design a walk in closet that works for you, not against you. It shouldn’t feel cramped or dark. It should be a nightmare for you to find the clothes you stored inside.

Not sure how to achieve a beautiful but functional design? We’ve got your back with the three effective tips. Learn how to design a great closet below:

Lighting Matters

Most homes suffer from poor lighting in comparison to over-lighting. Beat this by learning how to design a walk in closet with sufficient lighting. It’s fine to exaggerate a bit: fill the closet with enough lighting to eliminate all shadows when standing in front of a mirror.

A modern walk-in closet design could also include different kinds of light. You’ll want bright lights for casual viewing but you might want warm white lights or dimmers. This lets you get a better look at yourself while prepping for a late dinner or sunset outing.

Convenience and Functionality

When scouting for design ideas for a walk in closet, don’t forget to prioritize convenience and functionality. For example, you can use windowed cupboard panels instead of traditional ones. These let you see the contents of each cupboard without the need of opening them.

A walk in closet won’t need a Murphy bed but you could use the same philosophy to add a secret floor mirror or another set of drawers. You can also use this idea for seats or benches that easily stow into the walls.

Don’t forget to add a bench. People often forget convenience when designing a closet. You’ll want that bench so you can sit down while putting on shoes or trying out different outfits.

Mix and Match Different Elements

If you got space for walk in closet designs for a master bedroom, don’t hesitate to mix and match. Yes, you’ll likely rely the most on rods to hang clothes and ties but add drawers, baskets, open shelves/ledges, and lower cupboards.

Take advantage of each element. You can use the baskets to store socks, for example, and keep the bigger cupboards with rods for formal shirts and trousers. Set aside a specialty rod to hang neckties and bowties and then keep a drawer solely for folded shirts, shorts, and other casual clothing.

Design a Walk in Closet Today

Design a walk in closet exactly as you see it in your dreams by following these basic tips. Use different design elements, focus on convenience and functionality, and take some time to optimize the lighting. When pulled off right, you’ll be able to optimize your closet’s space and have fun using it too.

But why stop with designing a walk in closet?

If you want more design tips for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and more, we invite you to read our other guides and blog posts today. Pick up all the design tricks and guides to ensure you get the dream design you want without sacrificing function and practicality.

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