5 Nigerian Political Headlines You Need to Know

5 Nigerian Political Headlines You Need to Know

Apart from being a country full of rich culture, delicious cuisine and a variety of tourist attractions, Nigeria is teeming with political shifts and transitions of all types.

From important bills being rejected by the president, to post election campaigns by both winners and losers, this politics can be hard to follow. However, the difficulty is balanced out by how interesting it can be, especially when talking about the various feuds that have risen between parties following the election.

Nigeria has been in the spotlight by how violent the election has been, and it has also been tainted by allegations of corruption.

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This article will take you through some of the most startling, and interesting developments that have happened in Nigerian politics recently.

1.   Bill Rejected

Nigerian lawmakers have been trying to bring the government to greater accountability, by making high ranking government officials like governors and even the President, to appear in court whenever summoned.

However, this bill has been wholeheartedly rejected by President Muhammadu Buhari who likely deems this as an insult to his office. Lawmakers have been disappointed over this development as they had been hoping that they would achieve some sort of power in this situation.

2.   Amaechi vs. Wike

Amaechi came under a lot of spotlight when he cast his electoral vote this Saturday. After the casting of the vote, he talked to the media and said that Yakubu, Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), was a former employee of Wike.

He added further fuel to the fire by insinuating that the INEC chief was doing whatever Wike wanted him to do. Wike was furious, and rightfully so, as he then came forward to deny this allegation.

3.   Post Election Peace Call

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the new president elect of Nigeria. He has had a stunning electoral campaign and has emerged as a clear victor of the electoral process. After his victory, he has been looking to spread the message of peace across the citizens of his country.

He has not only encouraged citizens to peacefully accept the terms of his accession to presidency, but has also condemned the small number of protests that have been going on ever since the election results have been announced.

4.   Results Not Accepted

The People’s Democratic Party, also known as the PDP have been angry over the recent elections for governorship in Kaduna State. According to these results, the All Progressives Congress has dominated the election to win.

Following a loss with a margin of almost 11,000 votes, the PDP has not taken this defeat lightly. Accusing the INEC of conducting unfair elections, PDP has outrightly laid corruption charges on them. There has been a massive cry by the PDP over voters being allegedly intimidated in order to doctor and control the results of the election.

5.   United States Weighs In

The US can’t seem to stay away from international politics. With news of fraud and violence coming in from Nigerian elections, the United States has decided to take notice of it.

There have been numerous reports of force and violence being used to intimidate voters, with ballot boxes being taken away from voting sites and votes not being allowed to be cast in many other places. These reports have urged the US to make threats of sanctions against Nigeria. These sanctions can hurt the economy of Nigeria very much and can result in a lot of problems for the newly formed government and the lawmakers as well.

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